As the coronavirus pandemic began, many countries around the world went into a state of lockdown. Due to this imposition, businesses had to find a way to carry on their operations to prevent themselves from going bankrupt. Not just businesses but also the education sector had to work it around to find a more compatible way.

Hence, the education sector decided to carry out classes in an online system. Online video streaming channels like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, etc. had to be utilized for online classes. The academic year had already faced a huge delay in its timetable for the commencement of classes.

When on Monday, classes had to commence and the businesses had to start their online activities, the online video calling channel Zoom suffered an outage. Not just in the United States rather in the UK as well, zoom’s services shut down completely, causing widespread panic among its users.

The company issued a statement saying there was a technical error. The users were not able to log in or join any call. The issue was later resolved after 12:30 p.m.

The company has been boosted exponentially after the pandemic and hence, there has been a spike in the number of users for Zoom. Approximately 300 million people join in per day for using the site. This number was less than even half of this before the pandemic. About 10 million users were there before the pandemic.

A university professor faced the problem of having lost her zoom connection. Jennifer had to find an alternative means to start her class through other means. It comes as quite a bit of panic for the professors because they have to follow a schedule.

She then stated that more means are necessary for carrying out online work or classes smoothly. We cannot rely on these means only. In case of emergence, more options need to be available. Zoom has become a very vital option for users. As stated by the professor she has become accustomed to Zoom for her classes.

Daskla while explaining also said that even though the world is getting accustomed to online methods. But still, this pandemic has also shown us the vitality of in-person communication. Such communication is also very important for us as being social animals.