The Biden Administration is working to streamline the vaccine distribution process for the American population. Until Saturday, four million people living in the country had been vaccinated.

For those people, who have been administered the first shot of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, they will have to get the second shot after a stipulated time.

But the question is: What if an individual has been administered only one shot of a vaccine?

Well, if an individual has been administered Johnson & Johnson vaccine, one would require only a single dose. For the other vaccines available, people must get themselves administered the second shot to be fully vaccinated.

The uncertainty regarding the aftermath of the first shot was addressed by Dr. Paul Offit, who serves as the Director of Vaccine Education Center in Philadelphia. According to him, people who have received their first dose should not think that the job is done. Instead, they should ensure extra precautions until their full vaccination has been completed.

Given the prevailing concerns about the second vaccine dose, the Director of Pfizer claims that the second shot is extremely important for long-lasting protection. His advice comes in light of the new variants of the coronavirus that have spread across several states in the U.S. According to him, two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are important to guarantee safety against the new variants.

This perspective is also supported by Michal Tal, a medical expert at Stanford University. She explains the science behind taking the second dose: when people take the second vaccine shot, it sends a clear signal to the immune system about a stronger response against the virus. She affirms that if an immune system is made familiar with something, the system would know that it has to make significant efforts to wage a response against it.

However, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been developed to make the immune system stronger after one dose. Regardless of what people say, it is extremely important to get the second shot of the vaccine because, in essence, the two doses are what you need to protect yourself against the deadly virus.