The family drama that has brought you entertainment and spicy family, as well as political conflict, Yellowstone, just premiered on Sunday, November 7 and it was all kinds of tense that the fans expected it to be. This will feature spoilers for the new season, for those that haven’t watched, be warned. The two-hour premiere began exactly where season 3 left off, with John, our family patriarch, being taken to the hospital for his severe bullet wound.

There’s more tension between Beth and Jamie, as Beth storms and causes an upheaval in his office, accusing him responsible for the attack on the rest of the members. We also have our first Yellowstone of this season as Roarke is attacked by a venomous snake unleashed by Rip, while he is fishing in solitude.

The two-hour Yellowstone premiere was divided into two episodes titled, ‘Half the Money’ and ‘Phantom Pain’. Earlier Holloway who played Roarke in the series hinted at his character’s bad fate, on top of his fans speculating about how the actor was going to shoot for multiple projects lined up this season.

New character arrivals are almost inevitable in new seasons, and the 4th edition of Paramount’s Yellowstone was no different. We have a new character in Carter, a teenage boy played by Finn Little, who Beth meets at the hospital while attending to John. Later Beth becomes his reluctant guardian as he names her after being caught in-between a robbery.

We got the first look into this season earlier in September, when the trailer was revealed and different production members had opinions of their own. Jen Landon said, “The retaliation that those who wronged the Duttons are facing is one of incomparable scale.”

Meanwhile, Cole Hauser, who plays Rip in Yellowstone delivered facts in his own way saying, “Everybody’s gonna get f***ed up.” The special two-hour long premiere ended up giving us hope in the form of John getting back on his horse, as part of his physical therapy after getting released from the hospital.

Meanwhile we have other prospective buyers of the ranch plotting for the takeover as well as Jamie trying to get his own ranch with his biological father, Garrett Randall. Next week’s episode 3 of Yellowstone titled ‘All I See Is You’, will tell us more and take us deeper into more Dutton drama left to explore.