Take your gardening tools out, because according to new research you can lose a lot of weight with home gardening projects. Now, homeowners can burn off calories by working in their yards or by accomplishing DIY projects throughout their residence.

Maintaining grass, mowing the lawn, or simply working around the yard for 30-minutes could help in getting rid of calories. This research has come out at a perfect time since everyone has gained some pounds during the pandemic-led lockdown. So, gardening might just be a perfect way to eliminate undesirable fat without making a trip to your local gym.

Yard work or gardening can help shed excess calories during the lockdown

On average, people can lose up to 80,000 calories every year through gardening or DIY projects. Gardening works perfectly because it utilizes all major muscles in simple tasks like planting, raking, and digging.

The study, carried out by OnePoll and Draper Tools, surveyed more than 1,000 homeowners. They discovered that each person spent around 165 hours every year to maintain their yards or fix up their homes.

The study further revealed that simple gardening actions not only burn off calories but also strengthen cardiovascular health. It also plays a massive role in increasing bone density in people over the age of 50-years.

Adding 30-minute of gardening to your schedule can work wonders. You will burn 162 calories through raking, 182 calories through weeding, and 250 calories through carrying a compost bag. In short, serious gardening activities can help you maintain a good shape, as suggested by the study.

If you want to start gardening as a calorie-shedding activity, you need to keep a few things in mind. Before you pop your tools out, just take a couple of minutes to warm up to prevent injury.

You can also use a one-legged kneel, stool, or a kneeling pad to protect your knees from squatting too much. Do not forget to take normal precautions such as wearing sunblock, drinking tons of water, and wearing hats.

Burning calories will take time; however, persistence will take you far. As suggested by the study, you need to spend 650 minutes of weeding to burn off 6,300 calories and vice versa.