WWE has always relied on various gimmicks to attract the audience. With the new pay-per-view set up, it’s only natural that WWE would rely on another wacky gimmick to score a big audience.

This Sunday’s latest gimmick has outdone all the previous ones such as “casket match” or “dog collar match.” Called “Eye for an Eye match,” this segment required two opponents to keep fighting until one loses an eye.

The match’s participants included high-profile wrestler Rey Mysterio along with Seth Rollins. Since this match was used to draw a larger audience, it remained successful in doing just that. Curiosity played a massive role in attracting people to this PPV since many fans wondered how they would pull this off.

On Sunday, the match managed to live up to its expectations in a brutal, gory way. Seth Rollins not only brought an eye extraction kit but also pulled pliers from his jacket during the match.

From the beginning, Rollins had the upper hand; however, there were some instances where Mysterio almost pulled Rollins’ eye out. In a clever attempt, Rollins managed to push Mysterio’s face against the stair’s corner and popped his eye out.

What followed was a gory scene that even Rollins couldn’t digest as he threw up the contents of his stomach. The medical team quickly rushed to Mysterio’s aid while the wrestler bent over in pain.

The entire gory aside, fans had a lot to say about the “eye-popping” incident on Twitter. While the doctors rushed to provide medical aid, fans couldn’t help but poke fun at the situation. Many fans pointed out the obvious fake eye prop that Mysterio was seen clutching.

The fake eye scenario even prompted some fans to create and share memes on the online platform. Despite the drama, WWE revealed that they have rushed Mysterio to the hospital where he will be taken care of.

This PPV segment got the bloody ending WWE had hoped for. Whether or not a fake prop was used, the match lived up to its hype. Fans could not stop talking about the hardcore level that WWE had successfully achieved with this segment.