One of the leading food companies, Tyson Foods reportedly not taking enough precautions for the safety of its employees. The coronavirus precautions are a joke at the Waterloo facility of Tyson Foods.

One of the workers died after catching the novel coronavirus recently and his son filed a report against Tyson Foods, which fell on deaf ears. They are not taking this matter seriously, which makes people question the quality of their products as well.

The non-serious attitude extends to a limit where the higher authorities of the company are seen betting on the coronavirus positivity rate. The deceased employee’s son was so devastated that he went to the extent of filing a report to save other workers as well.

Worker health and safety must be the top priority of any organization. This is the basic step that they can take in serving humanity.

Tyson Foods was putting the lives of its workers in jeopardy. And the embarrassment is that they are placing bets on how many workers will be tested positive.

This act will not be appreciated by anyone in the entire world. This is completely against humanity and if there is even a shred of evidence in this regard, the court should act.

There are rumors that they have been lobbying with the politicians and making sure that their work remains functional. These political connections have gotten them out of trouble for not following the coronavirus SOPs.

Tyson Foods have issued a statement and they have expressed their grief for the departed souls. But this statement was flawed to its very core as it did not condemn or deny the betting practice for the count of corona positive patients.

This statement might upset many employees working in hard conditions. And there is a possibility that they might retaliate by giving away the poor working conditions in the media.

Tyson Foods must come up with a lot more appealing statement and address the sentiment of its workers. They also must make sure that the health and safety of the workers is their priority.