Many employees at Google are contemplating forming a union to push forward with their fight against the execs continues. The difference of opinion between the execs and the workers has persisted for a very long time, and this time around, the situation has worsened.

One of the core issues between the workers and the executives stems from an incident where a respected AI researcher was discriminated against over hiring minorities in Google. The workers want to address their concerns from the platform of the Alphabet Workers Union.

Reportedly the executives do not take the complaints of the workers seriously and do not pass them along. It is shameful to understand that the executives have partnered with almost every repressive government in the world.

It is also claimed that the artificial intelligence technology was solely built for the use of the Department of Defense. There have been little efforts made by the executives to address the on-ground issues of the workers.

In 2018, the employees participated in a protest, where they wanted Google to act against sexual misconduct by the executives. Such incidents were becoming commonplace in the work environment and the workers needed a proper investigation into the matter.

An artificial intelligence researcher left the job after a dispute which led her to develop a feeling of mistrust within the company. This was an unusual abandonment of an employee from Google and people had signed a petition to support the employee.

The union’s goal is to ensure workers’ safety.

At first, the people were surprised to know that there exists a discriminatory environment in Google.

There is no concrete response from Alphabet’s director for people’s operation when asked about this union. This may further support the stance of the formation of the union as the response coming in from the company is irresponsible.