The New York Police Department said that frightening surveillance films show a woman approaching the Brooklyn mother, shooting her on a public roadway, and taking a gun in the back of her skull.

The 42-year-old Delia Johnson, whom she was found on a rail and conversed in Crown Heights, minutes before her murder, was called by Police.

Investigators also found a possible suspect but did not arrest him according to a police source.

The photograph indicates that Delia Johnson was shot in the back of his skull and after collapsing in his leg. The shooter is out in a white vehicle and witnesses can be seen running for shelter.

The officials working in the area heard the gunshots and ran to the place, according to an NYPD source.

Officers arrived minutes later and detected a faint pulse and immediately began to perform CPR, but according to the source she had a serious gunshot wound to the skull. She was pronounced dead at a hospital later that day.

According to the source, the shooter in the area is shown for a longer period of time, while people gathered at the sidewalk and near the shops, by an unpublished version of the film. One second a fellow seems to be giving the suspect something that she conceals before she reaches the gunfire behind her back.

The Daily News reported Mathis Johnson, Delia Johnson’s brother, that he may have followed his neighboring sister earlier in the day in the funeral from another resident.

Her brother said that she had to pay her respects to an old neighborhood friend before a funeral at night, and then it happened. He added that it was terrible and the lady was responsible for his sister’s killing.

In the mid-twenties, the shooter was described by authorities as an adult woman with a dark complexion. The black-sleeved shirt, black tights, silver belt, white and black shoes, and a white purse were last on her episode.