A shark attack took place off the shore resulting in a woman’s death. The woman was killed in an unprovoked shark attack on Bailey Island.

Bailey Island is a beautiful place in Cosco Bay, which is a part of Harpswell town. It is known as a town with the most beautiful scenery.

According to the officials, a shark attack is a rare occurrence in this area. It has only happened once before in Maine. Therefore, it was quite surprising and unexpected.

An ambulance was called for assistance and further help but it was of no use. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene as her injuries were too critical. She could not sustain them. The name of the woman has not been revealed yet.

James Sulikowski is a shark expert and researcher for Arizona State University. He is also a professor at the New England University. James claimed that the shark might have mistaken the human for food.

Such events tend to happen when the shark gets curious or puzzled. Swimmers and boaters are now being warned to remain heedful and keep away from swimming near seals and smaller fish.

They are advised to be careful and not get into a situation that might pose a threat to their life.

Sharks are well known to feed on smaller fish. However, larger sharks eat seals and other marine mammals. Shark attacks mostly occur when the shark is either provoked or is confused.

Sharks do not think of humans as a meal and would only attack in the case of provocation, curiosity, or bewilderment.