Due to this outbreak of the pandemic Corona Virus, people are stuck at home. The environment is now undoubtedly creating to overcome boredom while staying at home. People tend to do stuff to avoid the sensitive matters and news of the coronavirus. We already know that the news is not going to make any joyous effect in our daily lives but we can share some of the moments which might bring smiles on your face.

A young woman from England tried to fake tan her leg by the company logo “Adidas”. The things, unfortunately, did not go as expected thus making imprints of the company logo. She said she has never done that before and as social distancing is hitting, to avoid the boring and dull routine, she wanted to try something different. Putting Adidas leggings on for fake tan on April 10, the logo is still visible. She shared a picture on her Facebook account, came under the notice of media, she is now enjoying the spotlight.

Bring laugh and smiles on people; she says it good to know that in these dark times people have a joyous moment. On her Facebook page, Dani Heath saying that what did you guys do in quarantine because I got famous. On asking from one of the reporters, she says she has never fake tan herself which makes it even more laughable.

The moment of happiness is the daily dose, especially in these dark days. The aversion has been created all along during the pandemic, thus it is important to note some auspicious events to overcome the sadness on our faces. It must be kept on priority to stay away from any fake news which causes extra baneful results. Creating your own moments and accepting the happiness of life should be learned in this Quarantine.

Make yourself useful, productive, and bring happiness to the people. The quarantine is nothing to be bored of instead work from home. The sole purpose of quarantine is to keep everyone safe from the pandemic. Thus it is essentially understood that to pass time you have to do something productive.

Like Dani Heath, as an example, not to put you in harm but create stuff which brings even a slight brisk of happiness. So when the pandemic is over you must remember them in good and positive words. Hoping that this moment of suffering will end soon and in no time life will be back to normal.