Atlanta (AP) – Sitting 483 km away, Lane Kiffin enjoyed what he watched.

Matt Corral accounted for two touchdowns and pitched for straight 381-yards, Snoop Corner sprinted for a couple of points, while Mississippi played to 43 – 24 wins over Louisville this Monday without its head coach. 

Even though the team was completely vaccinated, Kiffin contracted Covid and was refused to play with the team in its season-opening round at the Mercedes Stadium located near Atlanta city. 

Ole Miss was doing fine with its isolated couch binging on from Oxford, piling up 569 yards. 

On a zoom live session from campus after the game, Kiffin quipped, “If they’re going to play like that without me, I’ll just stay here,” and added, “I’m already here. I don’t have to travel back. I’m already watching the (next opponent) Austin Peay film right now.”

Kiffin expressed that he wants to join the team for Saturday’s game. However, he still sounded slightly unwell.

He said, “It really is amazing what energy does, I completely forgot about it when the ball kicked off. I forgot I was sick. But I’m feeling better.”

The takeaway

Matt Corral made 22 passes out of 32, counting a touchdown of 6 yards to Ontario Drummond. While Ole Miss also ran 6 yards to make a score, Drummond finished with 9 catches on 177 yards. 

Conner made touchdown runs of 3 and 36 feet, running by a Louisville defender on the 2nd score. Canden Costa struck 3 field goals and  Jerrion Ealy also ruled over from the one.

Corral said, “ Every time we get the ball, our goal is to score.”

Kiffin for the game did not nominate an acting head coach and said everyone on the team would play their roles as usual in his absence. However, too much attention was on Jeff Lebby, derogatory coordinator, who called game plays for a batch that totaled around 40 scores in Kiffin’s 1st season, per game. 

The Southeastern school for the conference did not give any indications of letting off steam in 2021. At halftime, before the crowd set forth at 30,709, Ole led 26 – 0; the deck on the upper side of the stadium was not completely filled, leaving 71,000 seats empty. 

The defensive side made a significant improvement as Ole emerged with a new tactic using 3 down linemen, 2 linebackers, and a group of defensive backs. 

While Malik Cunningham sprinted for 2 TDs and moved onwards for the second, his entire production came in the 2nd half of the game with a guaranteed outcome. 

In the first half, Cunningham was detained 17 yards to cover a vicious commencement for the Coast Conference.