Los Angeles sheriffs arrive at the family home of Will Smith after a drone was sighted hovering over the A-list actor’s property.

The officers arrived at the Los Angeles mansion on Tuesday at noon but the drone had flown away before their arrival.

The LA County sheriffs reached the Calabasas mansion around 2.40 p.m. after receiving a call regarding the alleged sighting of a drone. The drone had disappeared by the time officers arrived.

The drone incident took place just hours before the Academy announced that they will be taking some sort of disciplinary action regarding the unfortunate episode between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the awards night but the outcome may take a few weeks.

The Academy condemned the slapping of Chris Rock on stage by Will Smith immediately as soon as the incident took place at the 94th Oscar awards.

Famous actress Whoopi Goldberg who is among the governing board of the prestigious Academy stated that she firmly believes that the Oscar will remain with Smith after the controversy is sorted out but he will be facing some sort of penalty or punishment for assaulting a fellow artist on-stage.

‘There are consequences,’ said Goldberg. ‘There are big consequences because nobody is OK with what happened.’

The consequences that Whoopi Goldberg hinted at will be discussed in the meeting called by the board of the Academy scheduled for Wednesday.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences comprises 9900 members and it profusely condemned the actions of Will Smith stating that the whole episode will be reviewed thoroughly.

The Academy plans to work according to the code of conduct policy and as Smith crossed an unspoken boundary, there could be a chance the members of the Academy might expel him from the organization.

Previously Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein were expelled from the Academy organization.

There are also other theories and possibilities in which the Academy could make Will Smith revoke his Oscar while making him ineligible for any kind of future awards or recognition. “The Academy condemns the actions of Mr. Smith at last night’s show. We have officially started a formal review around the incident and will explore further action and consequences in accordance with our Bylaws, Standards of Conduct, and California law,’ said their official statement posted online.