One of the most popular sitcoms of the 90s, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is all set to get a reboot and the first sneak peek was released revealing the reboot story.

The new reboot is titled “Bel-Air” and is actually inspired by a fan-made short film which was actually meant to get an answer for “What Would Happen If Smith Made The Fresh Prince Today?”

The reboot is produced by Will Smith – the original fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The series is directed and written by Morgan cooper.

Morgan tweeted ( @cooperfilms ), “Yooooo feeling so much gratitude. It’s hard to find the words, just thankful and very proud to present the official BEL-AIR trailer!!! Big S/O to this amazing cast and crew, can’t WAIT for y’all to see the show on Super Bowl Sunday (2/13).”

Will Smith will be serving as an executive producer of the series as well as a developer of the reboot.

The description of the new trailer stated “3 years ago, my guy Morgan Cooper uploaded his fan trailer to YouTube, showing how he envisioned the Fresh Prince as a drama. Now, here is the first full look at his retelling of the story that’s always been so close to my heart.”

The latest series is showcased as the departure of Will’ from the exclusive suburbs of Los Angeles, moving ahead. It is concluded that the series would be more inclined towards drama rather than a sitcom.

Jabri Banks is said to be performing the main lead of will. According to IMDB, this is his first role on screen. Apart from Banks, Adrian Holmes will be acting as Phillip Banks, Vivian Banks role will be performed by Cassandra Freeman, Coco Jones will be Hilary Banks, Olly Sholotan will be Carlton Banks and lastly, Akira Akbar will be playing the role of Ashley Banks.

The series is all set to make a debut on 13th February on the streaming channel peacock owned by NBCUniversal. According to the reports, “with the first three episodes at launch and new episodes released weekly on Peacock.”