Donald J. Trump has a keen insight into the business and economy of the country. His insight and gut feeling can make the right decisions for him as a president and will help in winning the elections.

He has been monitoring the market and has come up with multiple statements of how the market can be revived. It has been testing times for the entire world let alone the US and the stock markets across the world have crashed.

Amidst these testing times, the President has not taken his eye off the stock market. Trump’s decisions are often overshadowed by the current market situation rather than the COVID-19 situation.

Trump has to defeat Joe Biden only in the upcoming elections as Bernie leaves the Democratic Race. The support of Bernie is already inclined towards Biden which is affecting Trump’s policies as a current president.

It is difficult for Trump to run a state and look at a fight where the possibility of losing is significant. His recent policies can make a difference, but the effect is expected to insignificant.

There are difficult choices to be made and the entire country’s population looks at Trump. Trump is a businessman first and then a president and his empathy with the money and not people.

America has seen a significant increase in the number of unemployed people who are affected by the Coronavirus. This is disturbing the decisions of the Trump Administration.

Opening the businesses is the only way out of these crises but the entire nation wants the state to take care of them. These are the biggest economic crisis that the country has faced ever.

The pressure is building up on Trump and his decisions to open the country for business will show whether his empathy is with money or people. He has tough decisions to make and an election to win and neither of those are in his favor at the moment.