The English Premier League is desperate to restart as soon as possible. After suspending league matches during March due to the dangers of coronavirus, there are now talks within the Premier League to return to the grounds by mid-June.

As the coronavirus situation gets better, there is newfound confidence within league officials to bring back football in the field. According to a source, the English football league has already started making tentative plans for its return in mid-June.

The Premier League has acted as the torchbearer for quite a while now in the football world. Things are certainly different this time, as the league looks up to other football competitions in Europe for guidance.

The Bundesliga played in Germany, is set to return on 9th May. Similarly, other European football leagues, including the Spanish La Liga and the Italian Serie A, are all looking forward to returning as soon as possible.

The Premier League is looking at these foreign football competitions with great enthusiasm. Hoping to learn from the other leagues and analyze their strategies. Moreover, the English Premier League is seeking to benefit from their early return.

However, the return of football is still quite uncertain. According to sources, the Spanish and Italian league may not return at all anytime soon.

Some people believe German Bundesliga’s plan to return on 9th May is very optimistic, but they may have to delay it due to the second wave of the Novel Coronavirus. Nonetheless, governments throughout Europe are trying to support the football leagues so they can return as soon as possible.

Football has been off for months now, and everyone, including the players and clubs, want it back. However, even if football returns to the stadiums, it is expected that there will be certain measures in place to ensure safety from coronavirus, including no crowds.

Still, there are growing concerns that if the Premier League does not return by June, up to 4 English clubs may be forced into administration, and that is why most fans and clubs are okay with the no crowd policy