Many Tiktok users often complain about “Why my Tiktok videos are not getting views”. Have you been unable to determine the cause of it? Don’t become too stressed out. This article explains how to solve this problem.

Tiktok app allows you to create and share short videos. Many TikTok users may see your videos on the web or on their mobile devices. In addition, you can also find and share videos from other TikTok users.

Coming back to the issue of the Tiktok users “Why my tiktok videos are not getting views”. We’re going to talk about how to get views on Tiktok and give you a few additional suggestions to help you on your TikTok adventure, so stay tuned.

Why are my videos not getting views on TikTok?

You want to broadcast and share your TikTok video so that others may admire your hard work. But it is annoying when you don’t get any responses.

Most of you have experienced this at least once. There are no Tiktok views or progress on the video that you’ve worked so hard on. Here are a few methods that you may use to get your videos from zero views to a full-fledged success story. Let’s get started!

TikTok videos that don’t garner many views might be due to a variety of causes. The TikTok platform isn’t impressed by your content or your past videos don’t show enough growth.

Differentiate between Good Videos and Bad Ones

Most people watch a video from beginning to finish, have you noticed? There needs to be something interesting going on in the video that keeps the viewers interested until the finish. This means making a video that displays something thrilling at the end or that answers the viewer’s question just before they leave.

You must tell a tale with your video in a looping style that begins and finishes the same way in order to accomplish this. This means that a single viewer may watch your film many times from beginning to end, resulting in a completion percentage of 200 percent. Several advantages to this strategy include:

  • Make sure your videos are well-thought-out and entertaining.
  • In order to entice viewers, keep your videos brief (15 seconds or less) and conclude on a high note.
  • Use everything you’ve learned from watching popular videos to improve your own.
  • Because of the low competition, TikTok will not broadcast these videos to other users.

Completion rate on TikTok

TikTok employs completion rate and viewing time as a primary criterion for evaluating videos.

  • From start to finish, how many people have watched the video?
  • Watch time

How to get more views on Tiktok? Well, If your video has a poor completion rate during the test phase, it will no longer be shown to more Tiktok users.

New Account

TikTok aims to distinguish between bogus and legitimate accounts. Because of this, they are wary of new accounts. Before you publish your first video, make sure you’ve been a frequent user of the app.

  • Take a look at a few videos
  • Like
  • Give your bio a little more substance


  • Instantly publishing a video after signing up.

There is a restriction to how many views an account may get if it receives more than 10 – 50 views.

Making meaningful videos

Every video you upload to TikTok should be of some use to everyone who watches it. Make a TikTok video and leave it in the draughts section for a while. Go back to the video later and see if there is anything further you can do to improve it by rewatching it from the viewpoint of the Tiktok viewer.

Even though the video is hilarious the first time around, you may not find it as amusing the second time around. Our creativity may be judged by our emotions.

Consequently, it’s a good idea to go back over your films and make any necessary edits before releasing them to the public on TikTok.

Video engagement

If your videos get comments, likes, and following, TikTok will display them to more people. It is possible to purposefully create blunders so that others may make fun of them and remark on their faults.

Use TikTok as a real use

To gain any views on your first video, you’ll need to wait a few days before posting it. Try watching some videos of other users and engaging with them after signing up for TikTok. Also, don’t forget to spice up your TikTok bio with something intriguing.

By doing so, you’ll be seen by the TikTok platform as a legitimate user rather than a phony one. As a result, your initial video will have a large audience and high viewing.

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Choose The Best Niche

Whenever you first sign up for a TikTok account, you’re given the option of selecting a specialty from a menu of options. If your video from one specialty is doing well, it doesn’t indicate that your other video from a different niche will also do well.

Unlike other video-sharing services, TikTok does not compare your video to other videos in your field. Because of this, it’s possible that switching up your focus every other day will have a detrimental effect on your viewing. Using one TikTok account for a single niche is the basic principle behind this strategy.

Your Initial Videos Matter

Let’s say you’d want to give TikTok a go by producing a few low-quality videos in the beginning. Even while you may assume it will have no effect on your viewing for the next video, this is not the case. TikTok, on the other hand, evaluates your future videos based on the success of your previous ones. In the event that your first videos don’t perform well, TikTok will restrict your impressions for upcoming videos as well.

The best thing to do if you’ve already committed this mistake is to uninstall your TikTok app and start over from scratch with a new account.

You may also use a different phone to establish a new TikTok account if TikTok has your phone’s IMEI number.

It’s All About Content

If your videos are centered on nudity, profanity, or political remarks, TikTok will not give your videos a positive image. In order for TikTok’s users to be successful, they must publish and share high-quality, useful, and engaging material.

Are You Using A VPN?

Your local IP address makes it far more difficult to display your content in a different country. So, if you want your videos to be seen by people in a certain country, you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN)

Inappropriate content

It doesn’t take long for your account to get banned or shadowbanned for things like profanity and violence. TikTok is a Chinese owned company, so bear that in mind. As a result, they plan to be more selective about the kind of material they let or encourage users to post on the app. Even seemingly innocuous events might have an adverse effect on your ability to form new perspectives. Don’t do this:

  • Profanity
  • Political content

Think about the viral material that you see on your own page. 

7 Ways To Fix Zero TikTok Views Bug

Now, as we have discussed why Tiktok videos do not get views, it is the right time to guide you about fixing the views bug.

#1 Activate New Account

TikTok accounts that have just been activated may not be able to post videos since they are still in the process of being activated. Make sure you’ve already watched, liked, or commented on a video before adding your own.

#2 Watch Your Language!

The TikTok 0 views issue may be caused by your movies being a little bit too sexual or simply harsh and hateful. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok tries to minimize division by adhering to the Community Guidelines, which are explicitly stated.

#3 No Copy-Cat Survives

The most typical blunder when it comes to the Community Guidelines is to copy someone’s video, removing the watermark, and then post it to your account without crediting the original author or producing a parody of it. If you’ve done that, your TikTok views are likely to remain at zero. Unless they are response, parody, or fan page videos with the creator’s credit, no middle ground exists between you and the algorithm. TikTok makes it explicit that all other videos will be deleted.

“Content that infringes someone else’s intellectual property rights is prohibited on our platform and will be removed if we become aware of it.”  TikTok

#4 Keep Accounts Separate

Two independent TikTok accounts on the same smartphone might cause issues, even if they aren’t publicly acknowledged. Use one of your SIM cards to make a change to the phone number on the other if you have both.

#5 Use TikTok’s Own Editor

This might be the reason why your TikTok videos aren’t receiving any views if you’ve filmed them on a laptop or anywhere else rather than your smartphone. Take a 15-second video by clicking the Plus symbol on your profile. The next day, the number of views should have increased.

#6 Quality Videos Challenge

Improve the quality of your videos! Please. Why can’t you retain viewers’ interest for longer if you can attract their attention for 3-4 seconds? Aren’t you gifted or knowledgeable enough? TikTok’s algorithm gets a boost from viewers’ interest.

#7 Video Suspended

If you have tried all the other things mentioned, there is a possibility that the Tiktok algorithm might have blocked you. To check it, open a video with zero views and try to comment on it or share it.

You might attempt to share or comment on a TikTok video that has no views.

You may see “This video is under review, and can’t be shared right now”.

If you see this message, your TikTok views have been reset to zero by the algorithm for whatever reason.

It’s possible that someone reported your video for violating rules, even though it’s quite improbable. When a video is under review on TikTok, it is common for it to be removed from the service.

To Recap

When you’re first starting out, you’re more than eager to get a few thousand views on TikTok. You might blame a system error, copycat tactics, or be entirely clueless as to why your TikTok videos aren’t getting any attention.

You should avoid using profanity, racism, sexism, or any other kind of discrimination or harassment in your videos. Especially if you’re a newbie on TikTok or haven’t posted much of your own stuff.

If you utilize someone else’s work to make a duet-style parody and lip-sync alongside, you must credit the original artist. Otherwise, as previously discussed you should then complain about “why my TikTok videos are not getting views.”

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Many of your issues about why Tiktok videos not getting views have been addressed in this post, so we hope it was helpful. With a fresh account, you may earn a lot of impressions. Rather than publishing a video that lacks the creative aspect, start with high-quality material. All the best to you in your Tiktok endeavors!