Regular Airpod users might have encountered a very common problem in which only one of the AirPods actually seems to be working or there is no sound or close to no sound in one of the two AirPods and you often wonder why does only one AirPod work on mac even though the Bluetooth earbuds connects well with Macbook. Well in that case let us apprise you that you may be encountering a macOS Monterey audio balance bug. If the audio is playing normally from other devices, then this is not a hardware issue and can be solved by following the easy steps below:

Step 1: First connect the AirPods to Mac and then open system preferences

Step 2: Then click on the Sound

Step 3: Select AirPods in the output section from the available list of devices

Step 4: Then check the Balance settings to see whether the cursor is towards the left or right side, in that case one of the AirPods might be muted or won’t be as loud as the other one. Bring the cursor to the middle to balance. That should fix the problem.

Extra Tip: A little tip for you is that, the audio balance often resets itself when or every time you connect the Airpods to Mac. In that case a shortcut to use is the “alt” option key +F12 which brings to you the sound settings enabling you to quickly adjust the balance.

There are other causes too why only one AirPod plays, these can range from just simply a low battery issue to something more complicated like network or audio settings. Since there isn’t a single cause so there really can’t be a single fix option either.

It is best to follow all the troubleshooting procedures until the problem is resolved and the AirPod starts to work. If you have lost your bluetooth headphone then do not worry here are some easy methods to find it.

9 Possible Fixes For the Issue

The few possible problems that we could identify and discover a possible solution to are enlisted below, these vary from simple ones to more complicated ones:

1.You can start by checking whether the AirPods are clean or not. You might not be hearing the sound in one AirPod because there might be dirt or grease buildup on it. This may be blocking sound. So, check your AirPods, and if the speakers are clogged then clean them up.

2. The most common problem for AirPods no working is the low battery so, check to see if the battery is dead. Different AirPods drain the battery at a different rate, so even though both the AirPods might have been charged for the same amount of time one might run out faster than the other. So, keep an eye on your battery widget and if needed charge it.

3. You can also try to turn the Bluetooth on and off because the problem with AirPods could be that the audio is not working properly or sent properly from your device to your AirPods. In this situation, try to fix it by resetting Bluetooth. On an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch you can go to the settings then select Bluetooth and slide it off for a while and then slide back again to on or green.

4. You can also try to remove the problem by restarting your device. In most cases, it might not solve the problem but it’s a quick solution and pretty straight forward so try it anyway. The advantage of restarting is that the device clears any active memory and can then work on the temporary problems.

5. Try to Reset Network settings, every device has settings that control the way it connects to various other networks, these include Bluetooth devices as well. If there is a problem with these settings, that might just be the cause you are trying to dig out. By resetting the settings, the problem might be solved but you will have to re-pair Bluetooth devices and re-enter the Wi-Fi passwords and so on. For resetting simply go to settings then select general then move on to Reset and finally Reset Network settings.

6. If you are still facing the problem, you can also try to unpair and Re-pair the AirPods. You will have to set up your AirPods one more time. For devices like an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch you will need to go to the settings then select Bluetooth and tap the “i” which is next to the AirPods then click on Forget this Device and finally Forget Device. This will remove the AirPods from your device. After that put the AirPods back into their case and hold down the case’s button and then follow the onscreen setup directions.

7. Try checking the Stereo Balance, there is a hidden setting in the accessibility options on iOS devices that allows you to control the audio balance or sound between both the left and right AirPods. The problem you might be facing is that this setting might be out of balance and transmit all sound to only one AirPod. To check this problem, you will have to go to the settings then choose accessibility, move on to audio/Visual and find the balance slider and bring it to the center.

8. Then we move on to the Hard reset option which should most probably work if nothing else has worked for you so far.  You can do that by hard resetting your AirPods. The steps involved are very similar to the unpairing and repairing procedure that was discussed earlier. When you are holding down the button that is on the AirPods case, you should hold it for 15-20 seconds until the light starts to flash orange or amber and then to white. After that follow all the onscreen directions.

In case this does not work then try again but this time hold down the button for a longer time around 40-60 seconds. Allow the light to change from amber to white cycle at least five times and then proceed.

9. You can also try updating the operating system since every new version of the iPad and iOS has important bug fixes and new features. While this may not be a viable solution there is still a chance that the problem you are facing might be fixed in the current version of your device’s OS. The updates are usually free and quick, they can bring a lot of benefits, so it’s worth a shot.


To conclude, we have given an account of the possible problems on why only one AirPod work on mac and their possible solutions but if nothing works then it’s time to seek help from experts of concerned support centers.