Party-ing on Saturday night with friends is over-rated – what’s not is spending some me time at home around scented candles, soft color fairy lights, and your JBL speakers of course, for some good music.

But you know what? Things barely go as we plan. What if your fairy lights won’t turn on or your JBL speakers keep turning off? What would you do then? Although it’s not the end of the world, it can ruin your precious me time.

And yes, please don’t blame your JBL speakers. Despite having a valid warranty and being a reliable brand, sometimes, due to external issues like exposure to water for extended periods of time or using a faulty cable, they may refuse to work properly.

Below we have provided you with some fixes for your JBL speakers, so you don’t have to ask your friends, ‘why does my JBL speaker keep turning off’.

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1) Play with the buttons:



JBL Link:


JBL Charge:

2) Update your speaker’s software:

3) Reset your speakers:

4) Change your charging cable:

Why does my JBL speaker keep turning off while charging:

Why does my JBL speaker keep stopping?

Things to do when your JBL speaker keeps turning off

Take a quick look at these quick methods to get your JBL speakers working again.

1. Play with the buttons

Okay, so every model of JBL has unique features and, of course, buttons to operate it. Every model has its own way and button to turn on and off. You need to understand how your speaker operates to stop them from turning off. Maybe you are hitting the turn-off button instead of the turn-on, to start the speaker.


If you own a JBL XTREME 2 you must press the power around 8 to 10 times and then press and hold until the speaker turns on.


If you are using any model of JBL FLIP and your speaker causes problems turning on, a hard press is required in which you must press Vol Up + Play/Pause + Vol Down buttons simultaneously.  Alternatively, you can press and hold the Play/Pause + Vol Up buttons for like 2 to 3 seconds.

JBL Link

Those who own former models of JBL, like Link, can fix their speakers by performing a hard reset. To do so, press and hold the Play + Vol up buttons until the speaker turns off. After waiting for a few minutes, turn them on and check if they are working fine.


JBL Go is simple to operate. If you are having trouble with them, just press and hold Bluetooth + Vol Down button for 5 seconds till it turns off. Hopefully, your problem will be resolved when you turn them on.

JBL Charge

If your JBL charge keeps turning off by itself, just press the Bluetooth + Vol Up buttons simultaneously until its light turns on.

2. Update your speaker’s software

Sometimes, your device needs a quick update to get things straight. If you haven’t updated your JBL speakers in a while and encountering issues with tuning on, then you must do the following:

  • Connect your JBL speaker to a smartphone
  • Download the JBL application on your phone
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and put your speakers on update
  • Once the update is complete, reset. Hopefully, the issue will have resolved.

Here is how to connect your JBL speakers to Android or iPhones.

3. Reset your speakers

So many times, just a simple reset can resolve clear all the bugs and issues. Here is how you can reset your JBL speaker.

  • Press and hold Bluetooth + Volume buttons for 5 secs.
  • Or press and hold the Play/Pause button + Volume Key for 5 secs.

While these options work in most cases, there must be bigger issues if it doesn’t work in your case. Maybe there is something wrong with your speaker’s battery.

4. Change your charging cable

If your JBL speakers keep turning off, that also indicates that there might be some issues with their charging cable. What if your charging cable is flawed or damaged and does not charge your speakers to full? To resolve this issue, get another cable, preferably a new one, or just borrow it from your friend just to check if it’s the cable issue.

You can switch to the JBL wireless charging kit to eliminate these charging port or cable issues in the future.

Why does my JBL speaker keep turning off while charging?

So this is another most frequently asked question we receive. There could be two or more reasons your speaker turns off while charging. Firstly, it could happen if your charging cable is not working properly; hence the low charge keeps them turning off. Secondly, there might se an issue with your battery which is unable to charge the speaker and thereby keep turning them off.

Why does my JBL speaker keep stopping?

JBL speakers, in their ideal health, never stop while playing. However, if you are experiencing them stopping in the middle of playing music, there is some issue that you are unaware of.

Just to be sure, connect them to the Bluetooth again and make sure nobody’s Bluetooth is on in the room except for yours to avoid other signals from interfering.

Secondly, change the position of your phone and the speaker, because sometimes your music pauses when the speaker cannot catch signals from the phone.

Third, try playing the music from a different app. Maybe it’s the app that’s causing issues with playing the music.

Lastly, reset your speaker with the help of the above-mentioned method. It will fix all the other problems as well.


JBL is indeed the old guard in the tech industry and has seen consistent quality and reliability for four decades in a row. If none of the previously stated techniques work, chances are that there is some bigger issue beyond your control. You might need to take your speaker to the company’s service center to get the issue resolved. Their service is relatively less expensive than other speakers’; if your speakers have a valid warranty, you may not have to pay for the service.