The Head of the World Health Organization has warned people that they should not spread rumors regarding the “endgame” for the coronavirus pandemic.

The Head of WHO stated that it is way too dangerous to presume that omicron is the last variant of coronavirus – or that “we are in the endgame.”

The Head of the World Health Organization has fiercely warned that the current conditions of the world are ideal for the coronavirus strains to emerge and spread across the world, therefore it is too early to state that the omicron variant is the last one or that we are at the end of the pandemic.

The Director-General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated a list of achievements and concerns revolving around global health issues such as resistance to antimicrobial treatments, tobacco usage, climatic changes influence upon humans, etc. but he ended his discussion stated that ending the acute phase of the pandemic must remain our collective priority.”

“There are different scenarios for how the pandemic could play out and how the acute phase could end. But it’s dangerous to assume that omicron will be the last variant or that we are in the endgame,” Tedros said at the start of a WHO executive board meeting. “On the contrary, globally, the conditions are ideal for more variants to emerge.”

 “It’s true that we will be living with COVID for the foreseeable future and that we will need to learn to manage it through a sustained and integrated system for acute respiratory diseases” to help prepare for future pandemics, he said. “But learning to live with COVID cannot mean that we give this virus a free ride. It cannot mean that we accept almost 50,000 deaths a week from a preventable and treatable disease.” Tedros has appealed to the world to strengthen WHO and increase the funding and investments in order to combat the health crises the world is facing at the moment.