There is a new development in the conspiracy around the coronavirus situation in Wuhan. The investigation team from the World Health Organization is going to visit the laboratory which is considered to be the center of the pandemic.

There were delays in these investigations as the city was in lockdown because of the coronavirus cases.

The laboratory in Wuhan came under the limelight after it was predicted that coronavirus had spread from a bat. This laboratory was considered to be the center of the pandemic as suggested by the Trump Administration.

With safety level 4, this laboratory is one of the safest laboratories as per the standards of the WHO. These safety labs are used to study the deadliest pathogens around the world to develop a vaccine against them.

But this does not mean that these labs are not vulnerable to virus attacks that may affect people again.

When China was hit with the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), this lab was established in Wuhan to study the virus extensively. There is a virologist named Shi Zhengli, commonly known as the ‘batwoman’ who went on expeditions to find out the origins of coronavirus.

There are a lot of viruses that can be transferred from Bats and there is a reason to believe that coronavirus originated from the Bats. The deadliest of viruses may include Ebola, rabies, SARS, and now the coronavirus.

It is very important to understand the lifecycle of the viruses to make sure that these viruses are contained in the future. The coronavirus incident is an eye-opener for the entire community of virologists to be more cautious at their jobs.

The major issue that this team will face in China is about the openness of virologists about the entire incident. This investigation is going to be difficult for the investigators as they will have to dig up the information themselves.