WHO claimed that omicron variant-fueled cases are slowing down across the world according to the data reported last week.

The World Health Organization stated that omicron-powered virus cases were recorded as 18 million which shows a surge in overall cases confirming that the newly detected variant is still going strong but overall, it is slowing down at a slow pace.

In a weekly report regarding the pandemic, WHO stated that “the number of new COVID-19 infections increased in every world region except for Africa, where cases fell by nearly a third. The number of deaths globally remained similar to the previous week, at about 45,000.”

The agency claimed that there has been a surge in coronavirus cases across the world but overall, the virus is slowing down.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Tuesday that the highly infectious variant “continues to sweep the world.” He said it was “misleading” to consider it as causing mild disease, although studies have shown omicron is less likely to result in severe illness or hospitalization than its predecessors.

“We are concerned about the impact omicron is having on already exhausted health workers and overburdened health systems,” Tedros said.

Small increases in the cases were reported from USA and Europe, as both stands at the rate of 17% and 10%. According to the health analysts, it is quite obvious that omicron-powered coronavirus cases are on a decline now as they have already peaked in these countries.

The cases will soon start to veer off. The head of WHO acknowledged that there are certain regions of the world where the worst wave has been observed and precautionary steps need to be taken to dodge this wave. He warned that “not all countries are out of the woods yet”