White Lives Matter marches are being organized by white supremacists in various cities of America this Sunday. Since counter-protests are being planned, police forces are bracing themselves for any possible conflict.

According to the Center on Extremism, a new Telegram channel has surfaced which is calling for White Lives Matter marches on April 11.

A statement was released on Friday by the Democratic Lawmakers of Southern California in which they have condemned a rally which was organized by Loyal

White Knights to take place in Huntington Beach this Sunday. The Chief of the Police Department of Huntington Beach said in a statement that his officers will be prepared and will have a concrete plan to ensure the safety of the public during such events.

Fliers have been circulated in North Dakota promoting a peaceful march at 1 PM on Sunday near Fargo’s City Hall. The participants have been advised to wear facemasks to ensure anonymity.

In a statement by the Statehouse News Bureau, it has been said that the law enforcement agencies in Ohio are well aware of a planned protest which is to take place outside the Statehouse on Sunday. Furthermore, considering the need of the situation, troopers will be available from around the state whenever needed.

The prime motive behind the rallies to happen on Sunday has been examined by the Telegram Posts. The mission is to unify White people against the prevailing white hate in the country and to revive the racial consciousness of white people. It is a movement to show support to the White people who became victims of racial crime.

Making it more difficult for the authorities, counter-protests are to be organized the same day at many locations. The protest against the White Lives Matter event will happen at noon at Albuquerque Civic Plaza. A Black Lives Matter chapter from Southern California is all set to lead a counterprotest on Huntington Beach this Sunday. A virtual event has also been sponsored by the city at 1 PM on Sunday on Zoom.