According to The TAKE with Rick Klein, there was an era when the American President Joe Biden has led an ascendant along with the relatively united Democratic Party, that was driven by urgencies underscored by his predecessor while hoping that the pandemic will soon become a history.

The domestic and voting0rights agenda for Biden are both now effectively working, however, the progress related to COVID slides backward and Democrats treat it as coming midterm election year with a blend of dread and resignation.

Moreover, the White House also selected to fight Sen. Joe Machin’s fire with the attacks of the President’s strategies. In addition, the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also accused Manchin of going back towards his word to the president and vowed to suppress him over “honor his prior commitments and be true to his word.”

The strategy is also aligned with Biden’s plan regarding incensed left. However, it’s quite hard to see it changing considering the mindset of Manchin, and of course, it also represents the reddest state for sending a Democrat to the Senate which has hardly been inscrutable about his priorities over spending social policy along with the environmental policies.

“Manchin is the one senator holding back Biden’s policies, only because he’s joining all 50 Republicans in opposition. In some ways, that fact is more an indictment of Biden’s governing promises than having lost Manchin’s vote on “Build Back Better” or filibuster reform.”

Adding, Biden has his priorities which collide repeatedly with the realities for math along with the public health this year. Moreover, this new phase of the presidency is setting the idea which can create a direction for good old days for Democrats.

One question triggered a tense exchange between Vice President Kamala Harris and a radio shock jock.

“I want to know who the real president of this country is. Is it Joe Biden or Joe Manchin?” asked radio and television host Charlamagne tha God on his Comedy Central show “Tha God’s Honest Truth.” Harris then accused Charlamagne of engaging in election denial rhetoric and “talking like a Republican.”

“This is exactly what we warned would happen if we separated Build Back Better from infrastructure,” said Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., in a tweet. “We cannot allow one lone senator from West Virginia to obstruct the president’s agenda, to obstruct the people’s agenda,” said Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass. “[Progressives] have been saying this for weeks that this would happen, and we took the hits. We were told that we were anti our caucus. We were anti-democracy, we were anti this and that, when actually what we were and what we still are is pro the people,” said Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo.

The Texas Governor, Greg Abbott on Saturday stated about his administration that we make an unprecedented move to build a state-funded border wall that is set with the Texas-Mexico border which claims the development of the structure deemed necessary because of federal iaction.

“Texas taxpayers are spending 3 billion dollars — that’s billions with a B — $3 billion for Texas to do the federal government’s job to step up and secure the border,” Abbott said during a Fox News interview on Friday, adding that “a large portion of that money is going to build this border wall.”