US President Donald Trump announced that he is going to stop US funding to the World Health Organization. The President blamed WHO for failing in its basic duty and covering up the origin of coronavirus.

The President announced that an investigation was underway and looking into WHO’s attempt to cover up and spread China’s narrative regarding the spread of coronavirus. The United Nations’ chief responded by saying that now was not the right time to cut funds as the world faces a serious health crisis in the form of COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to the President’s recent move by saying that the decision to halt funding to WHO was senseless and only a weak man blames others. She further said that the decision was dangerous, illegal, and therefore, would be challenged.

Speaker Pelosi called this move illegal on the basis that Congress appropriated this money and gave it to the administration so that it could distribute it to WHO. The newly appointed White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany responded to this allegation by saying that the appropriation was not specific to WHO, rather it was given to the administration so that it could distribute it to any international organization, and therefore the President’s move was legal.

She further responded to Pelosi’s statement by saying that this had nothing to do with blaming others, and in fact, it was an effort to hold WHO responsible and accountable for its actions. This comes after WHO opposed travel restrictions even after being warned multiple times until February.

Commenting about the grant money for small businesses, the White House Press Secretary called Pelosi’s statement an example of how the Democrats do not care about Americans. She called out the Democrats for being uninterested in the American people and their issues and not putting them first as the Trump administration worked tirelessly for them during the pandemic.