Dust mites are the most commonly found allergy carriers in the house premises. It can be a cause of coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and even asthma. This is a recently discovered germ carrier so the diagnosis is comparatively hard since the symptoms are quite common. People are gradually getting aware of this germ organism and have started measures of prevention. These are minute microscopic creatures and can’t be felt.

If that is the case, then how to get rid of dust and these unseen organisms?

The following are some effective ways and remedies to get rid of dust mites.

Removal of their hubs

Dust mites are present in dark areas where there is more possibility of human cell presence. Fiber surfaces tend to have the most amounts of human cells that are shed from the body. So if your house has carpets, you should start thinking of removing them. Because no matter how much you try, carpets can never be fully cleaned. Your house furniture can also be a dust mite carrier so get it regularly cleaned using chemical cleaners.

End the food supply of mites

Places like your bed, mattress, and pillows, can’t be washed every week. So you need to find a solution to get rid of the mites that are already present in these places. There are different zippers available for mattresses and pillows that will form a protective layer and will starve the mites below it, to death.

Regular washing in hot water

Try washing your clothes, bed sheets, and thin comforters at least once or twice a week. Washing in normal water temperature won’t kill the mites so you need to make sure that water temperature is hot enough to completely get rid of the mites. Different special laundry detergents have chemicals that can help in killing the mites.

Cleaning away the dust

You need to make sure that you are cleaning the dust from your house regularly. You can use vacuum cleaners for effective and convenient working. Whenever you do regular dusting of your house, make sure to first clean the surface with a cloth that is damped in hot water and then dry it with another clean piece of cloth. Keep in mind to wait at least for two hours before entering the room that you have just dusted. The same is the rule if you are doing vacuum cleaning. You do not want the dust particles in the air to set on your body.

Remove moisture and humidity from your house

It is a well-known fact that dust mites like to be on the areas that are humid and have some sort of moisture. Therefore, start searching which areas of your house are humid or are even slightly wet. Different desiccants can be used to remove moisture from your house environment. These are very cheaply found in stores and tend to have the best effective results.