Amazon is a very popular e-commerce website founded by Jeff Bezos. It has a variety of products that it sells online. It has made its place in the list of top companies in line with the giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. It has developed itself into being a company with a visible organizational culture that people seem very attracted to.

It started as an electronic bookstore and then with time transformed into a huge store selling a wide variety of things. Now in its product list, it has electronics, toys, video games, furniture, jewelry items, and much more. The website is available in 8 different languages while also offering feasibility in the currency as well, it has a total of more than 60 currencies that customers can use to buy-in.

Amazon launches another very promising business model. The model revolves around selling and buying gift cards either for yourself or to send to some. If you visit the website the gift cards are available on a variety of occasions.


The buyers can decide what range they want to purchase from. It can be either for birthdays, thank you gifts, any seasonal holiday, for a new bay, or for saying congratulations to a friend. These gift cards are an amazing thing to send to your loved one when you are in doubt. Either a holiday season approaches or a last min gift for a friend these cards comes in handy. The most amazing part is the free one-day delivery that is offered for the customers. The prices are very thrifty as you can put at any price you want even as low as 5 dollars. It ranges from the given amounts of 15 dollars to even 100 dollars.


Amazon offers another very convenient offer. You can not only send the card to your friends or family but also print to and even mail the card. It’s that easy! The packaging includes very innovative and cute designs that make the gift more special. The first option after tapping on the gift cards is selecting the design of the card you want to send. It has a total of three options to choose from. Either it’s a standard card, an animated card, or your photo that you can select from your gallery.


The process of selecting a card is also very easy by following some basic steps.

1. By logging onto the website there is a separate section that displays the variety of gift cards the buyer wants to select.

2. The buyer can choose whatever card he or she wants to purchase.

3. There will be a visible button, “Add to Cart”, after opting for the section click and proceed to check out.

4. Then select the payment plan for the purchase.

5. Select the tab ‘Place your Order”.

Amazon offers a variety of gift cards to send your loved ones.