Last year in 2021, on September 14, Apple launched its much-anticipated iPhone 13 lineup, which eventually earned Apple what can’t be defined by the word ‘fortune’ because it’s always like that. The term ‘fortune’ is too small to handle the revenue that Apple generates with its launches of iPhones.

However, it’s the same kind of success that Apple expects with its launch of the iPhone 14 lineup, which has already hooked enough attention to put the out-of-stock label right after its availability. As hinted by Apple, all its launches take place either in October, which is the least possible, or in September, having the most probability.

As a result, it would be correct to predict that the launch of the Apple iPhone 14 won’t happen no sooner than September. However, let’s not wait till then, as we do know four almost confirmed features that you’d be seeing in the iPhone 14 lineup and that we do with the recent report that just came out of the sources.

Also, that you know when is the iPhone 14 coming out, let’s explore what it could hold? 

The Mix of Conventional and Innovative Screen Designs

It dates back to the iPhone X which featured a big-thick notch to accommodate front selfie cameras, face ID, and some sensors. Later on, we saw and even embraced the same notch in its successors, which are the iPhone 12 variants, followed by the iPhone 13 lineup as well.

That said, Apple has taken the first step to introduce something new into the market with the launch of its iPhone 14 lineup. As we know, this lineup will feature four different variants, namely iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Now reportedly, Apple will introduce a new screen layout with iPhone 14 Pro and probably 14 Pro Max that we call the rumored Pill & Hole-punch design. It will be an entirely new notch, but iPhone 14, and 14 Max will stick to the regular notches as found in iPhone 13.

Not to forget, the iPhone 13 notches are 30% smaller than those in iPhone 12 family, just so you know you’ll still get value if you don’t opt for the Pro versions of the iPhone 14.

Also, purportedly, the new notches will stick to the Pro versions of the iPhones until 2023, which means all the regular models will feature the same notches as the iPhone 13, and you will have to spend a few extra bucks if you want to see more of the screen in your new iPhone.

Bid Farwell to the iPhone 14 Mini

We don’t know if you noticed the iPhone 14 lineup we mentioned above, but the iPhone 14 family won’t consist of the mini model anymore. Instead of the mini model, Apple will introduce a new variant, which we know as the iPhone 14 Max.

The replacement will feature a 6.7 inches display with the same conventional notch and undisclosed internals. We realize your disappointment, but it is what it is. Even we loved the preceding mini versions of the iPhones, and it took us a while to get over it.

However, you still have the options like iPhone SE 2 and 3, also Apple iPhone 12 mini is still available in the markets, and as you know, there do not happen to be exponential changes between the iPhones, so you wouldn’t feel much of the difference.

Or if you fancy, you could stay with the standard model of the upcoming Apple series, which is the iPhone 14, though it won’t be as handy and pocket-friendly as the mini, it will be able to compensate a bit.

Better Cameras or Camera?

Well, Apple has barely moved forward than 12MP with its camera lenses since its inception. However, we are glad it considered this much-needed feature and is now determined to equip the iPhone 14 lineup with new camera lenses.

But, like all the advancements, this advancement will also stick to the Pro versions of the iPhone 14 series. The regular models will feature 12MP camera lenses, but the Pro versions will have a staggering shift to 48MP camera lenses with better resolution and more freedom.

As a result, all the advancements that you’d see in the Pro versions of the Apple iPhone 14 will likely increase their price tags, which may or may not divert your attention to its regular models, which are also worth every penny.

Say Hello to the New Chipset

Every time Apple launches a new lineup, there happens to be an upgrade with their chipsets, and the same will happen with the iPhone 14 launch. Per our reports, the tech giant will grace the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max versions with Apple Bionic A16 chipsets that offer more speed, more balance, and optimal battery life.

But, there is a drawback, Apple doesn’t seem to offer the same chipset for other variants of the iPhone 14 family. Yes, the iPhone 14, and 14 Max will more likely stick to the same processors or chipsets as the iPhone 13, that’s what our reports say.

However, you never know with Apple, it may use the new chipset or the modified version of A15 Bionic in the regular models of the iPhone 14 lineup. That said and as we mentioned, it accounts for the surety of one thing, which is the iPhone 14 with the newer chipsets will cost you more than those who don’t.

Should we expect a price increase in the Pro versions or did Apple say to focus more on budget-friendly smartphones? It will only be disclosed after the launch of the iPhone 14 series, which is most likely to take place in September 2022.


These are so far the details that we know about iPhone 14 series launch and what features it will uncover. But, with each day passing, there can be modifications, developments, and even replacements in anything that we have gathered and presented here.

It’s because every iPhone series launch is backed by a bunch of rumors and even confirmations that later, due to some reasons, get withheld or postponed until next year, and no clues, the same could happen with this year’s most-awaited smartphone launch.

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