This autumn, Apple’s next iPhone, named the iPhone 13, is anticipated to get a few flashy improvements. The highly awaited smartphone is expected to have a redesigned design with a notchless display, a longer battery life, a faster refresh rate, improved camera capabilities, and new colour choices (perhaps even bubblegum pink). As we near the rumoured release date of the iPhone 13, rumours regarding the next iPhone continue to swirl.

Ted Lasso has the latest rumours. We get a peek of a notchless phone in two short sequences from a recent episode, which some believe is the iPhone 13. However, we should not get too optimistic. Despite the excitement created by the phone images, it’s more probable that this is a passing CGI glitch in post-production and not a sneak look of the iPhone 13.

As we inch closer to the unveiling of Apple’s next iPhone, excitement for the device continues to build. According to a poll conducted by SellCell and published by MacRumors, 44% of existing iPhone owners want to upgrade to iPhone 13 models when they become available.

We have jotted down all the speculations and rumours regarding iPhone 13’s release. Give it a read.

Larger capacity doesn’t indicate longer battery life

According to an early June rumour on Chinese social media site Weibo, the iPhone 13 series would have bigger batteries than the iPhone 12 model. However, battery life is not synonymous with battery capacity, and it is conceivable that the larger battery in the iPhone 13 will not result in increased battery life. That is entirely dependent on the phone’s other improvements and the degree to which its software is battery-life optimised. However, when compared to the premium phones from other manufacturers, Apple’s batteries fall short.

September is the release date?

There is currently no unofficial or official information regarding when Apple will be releasing its next iPhone. According to a report from April, production of the iPhones’ new processors is ahead of schedule, relocating the iPhone 13 delivery date to pre-pandemic levels. Generally, we can forecast with some precision when iPhone events will be taking place and anticipate a release date accordingly.

Price of iPhone 13

Apple may increase the pricing of its iPhone 13 range once again. According to an August report from DigiTimes, Apple is contemplating raising the price of the iPhone 13 to offset the increased cost of chip manufacturing from its supplier TSMC. Apple’s supplier intends to raise prices by up to 20% by January 2022 for “advanced and mature manufacturing technologies,” the report said. According to the article, the precise amount by which the iPhone’s price might rise is unknown.

Design and Color

Numerous renderings of speculated iPhone 13 designs have already circulated on Twitter. A new one from MacRumors demonstrates the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro’s enlarged camera bump and increased thickness in comparison to its predecessors. According to MacRumors, the iPhone 13’s camera bump has increased significantly in thickness, perhaps to enable upcoming camera improvements such as lidar.

Additionally, Apple may be introducing a new colour to the iPhone 13 range, dubbed “Sunset Gold,” according to leaker Ranzuk on Naver, a Korean blogging site. According to Apple, the hue has a “golden feel” and is somewhat paler than Apple’s rose gold. Twitter users shared renderings of the iPhone 13’s new colour.

Improved night-mode photos

In early February, rumours suggested that welcome enhancements to low-light photography were on the way. Analysts anticipate an ultrawide-angle lens with a higher aperture — f1.8 rather than f2.4 — in the near future. A wider aperture allows for more light to reach the sensor, which results in better nighttime or low-light pictures.