A $900 billion relief package for the COVID-19 is currently in its developing stages. People are asking questions about the new stimulus bill as $600 per head is to be distributed as per the new package.

It is going to be a significant shift from the initially proposed bill of $748 billion that does not contain any stimulus check to the $918 billion White House bill that also offers checks. There are going to be $600 direct payments to the people while cutting unemployment insurance.

People are out of work since the start of the pandemic as the lockdowns commenced in the country. The second wave has just struck the country where more people are on the brink of losing their jobs.

It is believed that the new stimulus plan is also going to add $300 unemployment benefits for people losing their jobs. This kind of relief bill is coming at a time when the people are losing their protection against evictions.

At first, the bill was $908 billion which was broken down into two categories including overall support and state-level support. A large amount of money was subjected to the overall support for the people residing in America and currently out of job.

IRS is looking into the matter of $270 billion Treasury cost to ensure whether $600 per head is feasible or not. The CARES Act which was aimed at helping the people in need during the lockdown in March gave $600 per week.

The liability protection from the coronavirus is now broken into a separate structure of $160 billion. And it is estimated that the final stimuli to be announced will not include it.

Meanwhile, there is an addition by the new partisan proposal to add $300 billion to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). This increase is made to ensure that the small businesses which were struck by the lockdown are compensated generously.

The eviction dates were extended by the Trump administration for the people, because of the coronavirus lockdowns. But these extended eviction dates are also going to expire by the end of this year.

The bipartisan proposal is going to allocate $25 billion for eviction cases to the state and local governments. It is going to protect the people from losing their homes amidst the increasing coronavirus cases.

There has been money allocated for the healthcare sector as well. People will also be helped to get help from this fund for childcare and schooling.