What is the oldest civilization in the world ?

While compiling a list of ancient civilizations it is difficult to identify which one is the oldest. Here are a few of the oldest and the strongest civilizations of the world.

The Akkadian Empire: They were a Semitic people and who control the entire kingdom, under the command of Acadia. They established trade networks with the Indus Valley civilization, with Egypt, and with Anatolia.

Babylonia: They arrived from the Persian Gulf, and founded what we know today as the Babylonian Empire, which lasted until 1590 BC. The Babylonians founded a society of social classes, dependent on slaves for cultivation. They were the authors of the best-known epic of ancient Mesopotamia.

Assyrian Empire: For their part, they were a Mesopotamian people whose name come from the deity Asur, and lived under their kingdoms for millennia. After the fall of the last dynasty, they had the chance to create an independent kingdom. Thus, they created the Neo-Assyrian Empire (1000-605 BC), of a religious-military nature.

Ancient Egypt: In the middle and lower area of the Nile River, diverse human populations arose, who learned to cultivate this fertile region, and which gave rise to two separate kingdoms. Both kingdoms began to unify and this is how one of the great powers of antiquity was forged, such as the Egyptian Empire.

Famous for its monumental works of engineering, such as the pyramids and sphinxes, tombs for their mummified kings, the Egyptian civilization developed vast hieroglyphic writing, of which there are abundant archaeological remains, as well as its polytheistic, complex, and rich religion.

Ancient Greece: The Greek is the ancient civilization to which we owe the most of our Western culture. The ancient customs of the region were then replaced, which was one of the most fertile, well-known, and relevant civilizations in the entire Mediterranean.

They left a legacy in terms of dramatic and epic works, mathematics, science, sculptural. The influence of its vast mythological tradition is still felt today in literature, cinema, and the arts.

The Greek civilization faced military powers such as the Persian Empire and the Egyptian Empire. It eventually succumbed to the Roman Empire, after having been greatly weakened by internal wars.

World’s Oldest Civilization

The Sumerians: They were the first to populate southern Mesopotamia, developing powerful agriculture and founding the mythical cities, many of which appear in biblical texts, since they were the powers of the region. Sumerians were famous for their temples, almost in the shape of a pyramid, where they carried out their rituals. They are considered the world’s oldest civilizations.