Music is an emotion. For a better experience for music, there are so many gadgets innovated in the world. Like the headphones, Bluetooth headsets, buffer speakers, and the portable and easy to carry AirPods.

AirPods are so trending nowadays. They are Apple wireless earbuds, and Apple always comes up with crazy and amazing stuff. Airpods are very handy and cool. They seem like a little box, but the sound is not little. It is beyond expectation. Most people are confused and asked what is the button on the back of AirPods is for? And it’s a point because many of them don’t know that properly. Let’s clear the confusion.

Apple never made anything useless there are so many incredible factors related to this back button. The proper term for the back button is ‘Set up Button.’ It is used for connection; it can pair up with your mobile.

Let’s discuss its work and uses. We have got the unique facts of the setup button and other features of AirPods.

Set Up Button

The primary purpose of this button is to switch the AirPods with the new device. So there is the complete detail on how it works for new device setup.

Firstly, you have to open the charging case, where you see the charging status, and it has some different colors, and every color has meanings. Greenlight means it’s fully charged. Amber light means that it is less than fully charged and also indicates recharging.

If the flashing light occurs, it is ready to connect with the new device, and the amber flashlight shows it is paired with the device.

Secondly, push down the set up button on the back, open the setting on your device, tap to the option of ‘connect’ AirPods and make sure your Bluetooth is on. For the first time, you have to connect your AirPods with your iCloud id, and then it will recognize any of your devices like iPhone, Ipad, iPod, Mac Book, and Apple watch.

Apple devices are so simple, and once you pair them with your device, they will never create hurdles for you. The switch button is used only to connect with the apple device. The new Apple W1 chip makes a good sound, and it’s so crystal clear.

How to Pair Up the Airpods in Mac Book?

In the mac book, the Airpods is not connecting automatically like all the portable Devices of apple. In mac book, you have to check that your iCloud id is log in. If it’s not log in, then you have to set up your iCloud id, turn on your Bluetooth in it and select the volume icon and enjoy the crystal clear sound of it.

On the side, you can pair it up quickly if there is not iCloud id in your mac book. Here is the instruction for it.

  1. First, you have to turn the Bluetooth on
  2. Make sure that your Airpods are in the case.
  3. Close the topic of the Airpods
  4. Please wait for some seconds to turn them off
  5. Open the case
  6. Place it near to the mac book and keep it close at the time of first connection
  7. Now press the setup button for more than 10 seconds and wait for the light to flashing in amber color ( yellowish to white )
  8. Go to the Bluetooth list and click on the option of Airpods
  9. Click on the connect, and now it is connected with your mac book

Check it out that the sound comes in AirPods or the mac book’s built-in speakers.

How to Fix Battery Issues with the Set Up Button?

If you face any battery issue with your AirPods, then it’s not a technical problem. You can have this problem once in a blue moon. It is straightforward to fix.

Firstly, you have to long-press the Switch button for more than ten seconds then it will remove from your device. Reconnect the Airpods with your device. Take your earbuds out from the charging case, then just try to drain its battery to zero once it’s done, then recharge your Airpods and goes to the setting of it where you will see its complete details of battery.

Every function of the Airpods occurs with the help of the switch button.

How to Pair with Non-iOS Device?

After knowing what is the button on the back of AirPods is for, you should also know about how to pair AirPods with non-iOS devices. You can easily pair your AirPods with an android device also. The procedure is quite similar to the iPhone and other Ios devices. For Android device uses it as a standard Bluetooth earbud. Here are how to do it:

  1. Slide down your quick settings in the android phone or tab.
  2. Please enter in the Bluetooth menu scan it for long to see the option for AirPods
  3. Turn the Bluetooth on
  4. Keep the AirPods near your android device because it is specially designed for android device, and it makes trouble for the first time connection with an android device
  5. Keep the Set Up Button for more than ten seconds
  6. When they appear on the list, recognize your AirPods on the list and connect them
  7. Now it’s associated with the android device

In the android device, the AirPods function is not the same as the IOS device. If you have used the AirPods and want to turn them off, it’s not happened automatically.

Like in the iOS device, you have to long-press the setup button to turn them off. You cannot be able to use any virtual assistance.


Conclusively, the AirPods are a convenient and intelligent gadget. The setup button is the way to use it with any device because it helps to connect them with every Device. Even though we can trust the latest innovative technology for communication under their specifications and quality.

The Airpods Setup button allows us to ensure that we can take control of the situation. I hope this will crystal clear all your confusion regarding the back button or the Setup button of Airpods.

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