For some people, snakes can be a fearful animal to keep as a pet, and some might enjoy and love their company. But not all snakes are dangerous; some can prove to be harmless gentle pets. Therefore, snake pet lovers need to know, what is the best snake for a pet! 

One of the significant benefits of keeping a snake as a pet is that they require low maintenance as compared to other animals. For example, most of the snakes stay in their cages and you will not need to take them for walks like cats and dogs, making them an ideal house friendly pet. They are also a pet of choice for those who cannot handle strict schedules of pet keeping.

Hunting the right snake for a pet can be an exciting but tough task. Before buying your pet snake, you should first consider preparing a suitable environment for your snake to live in. 

Recommendations for Choosing the Best Pet Snakes

If you are willing to buy a snake, you should first ask yourself which snake size you want. How long are you willing to keep the snake? What is your affordability? Do you want to buy it for your kids? This will make it easier for you to select the best snake as per your requirements.

For selecting the best snake to keep as a pet, you must choose the right breed.

Ball Pythons and Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are ideal breeds when it comes to keeping a snake as a pet. If you are looking for a snake that requires low maintenance, they are a good option. The corn snakes are also known as “Garden Snakes” as they are great at controlling pests. Hence, these snakes can be an ideal choice for farmers and gardeners.

Usually, these breeds are gentle, harmless, long-lived, easy to handle, and grows up to five to six feet. Ball pythons and corn snakes can also be an excellent choice for children, as they are friendly and slow. Although, ball pythons cannot withstand temperatures below 24 degrees, so you will need to heat their cages in case of such temperatures.

Important Factors to Consider

If you are buying a snake for the first time, you should not go for enormous sized snakes as they can become dangerous and difficult to handle. Some snake breeds like Burmese Pythons, Anacondas, and Reticulated Pythons increase their size up to 6.1 meters. However, if you wish to keep a large-sized snake, you may need large and expensive cages. You will also find snakes that are medium-sized such as Brazilian Rainbow Boa and Colombian Red Tail Boa. They are about 6 to 8 feet long. 

Although, for a first-time snake owner, smaller snakes are more preferable like the king or corn snake.

Snakes Demanding Easy Care

If you like snakes that are slow-moving and less active, consider Ball pythons. Some other snake breeds demanding easy care are black rat snakes, milk snakes, and king snakes.

Check Snakes’ Lifespan

Remember to check the lifespan of the snake before buying them because some species can live for over thirty years, hence making them a lifetime commitment.

Choosing the best pet snake depends on your likes, interest, and requirements.