How was your last weekend? We assume it was a blast since you are searching ‘what is the best drink to flush your system’.

Having cheat meals isn’t bad unless you don’t change your mind and return to your calorie deficit diet. Unfortunately, our day-to-day life includes stress, illness, junk eating, sugars, grains, chemical exposure, etc., which takes a toll on our immune system. When to know you must stop? When you feel tired regularly and unable to focus on your work, that is a sign that your body needs a break.

Now, if you are wondering how to detoxify your body or what is the best drink to flush your system, we must say that you have come to the right place. Below we have shared the magic recipes of the best detox drinks to cleanse your body.

A little more information about detox drinks

Since not all of you are aware of detox water, here are a few in-depth details regarding the drink.

Just like its name suggests, detox water is a drink typically made at home to detox your body from toxins. Living in an urban area means living in a toxin-ridden world. While you cannot escape the facts, you can find ways to detox your body occasionally to prevent long-term medical complications.

Basically, detox water helps the main organs of the body to function well. In her book, ‘The Detox Cookbook and Health Plan‘, Maggie Panell writes that detoxing is an ancient therapy that has been practiced in various forms for hundred years. It is believed to cleanse the digestive system and help the body eliminate waste products and various toxins absorbed from the air, soil, water, and food as well as toxic substances produced by the body itself.”

Another major benefit of this drink is that it helps you lose weight. While the weight loss is mainly due to dehydration, you shed some pounds quickly. Also, it boosts your metabolism and helps with digestion to keep your body functioning well.

10 Best detox drinks to flush your system

Several types of detox drinks you can make at home. They primarily consist of water, fruits, and vegetables that are extremely good for your health. Here are some of the best detox drinks to flush your system.

Orange, Carrot & Ginger drink

For those who don’t know, oranges are reservoirs of vitamin C and antioxidants. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and fiber content that improves digestion and helps in weight loss. Ginger helps with bloating, stomach cramps and digestion as it is full of anti-inflammatory properties.

It is our all-time favorite detox drink as it is packed with antioxidants and beneficial for your over health and immune system. You can definitely use this drink to detoxify your body.

Lemon Water

Struggling with making detox water? Just add lemon to your water and your detox drink is ready. It will not only improve the taste of your water but boost your detox process also.

Lemon is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. when added to water, it serves as a detox to enhance your body’s functioning. Also, when consumed right after waking up in the morning, this drink can also help in losing weight. Ideally, you should use a half or whole lemon in an 8-ounce glass of water to make lemon detox water.

Cucumber & Mint Detox

Another refresher, another way to boost your metabolism! Mint is widely known for treating an upset stomach. It improves the flow of bile by speeding up the digestion process. When added with cucumber and lemon, it becomes a respite from the toxic overload and the bustling heat.

All you need is some water, mint leaves, lemon juice, and cucumber to make this drink. Add some ice cubes to use as a refresher during summer.


Some of you might be surprised by this, but coffee is a good detox drink. Thanks to its natural ingredients that serve as a diuretic and detoxification agent. However, the only downside of this drink is that it needs to be consumed in moderation. Excess consumption can lead to side effects like high blood pressure, insomnia, fatigue, digestive issues, etc. For some people, it can become rather addictive due to the high content of caffeine present in it. 

So the key is to keep it sugar-free and its use to a minimum for the best results.

Pomegranate & beetroot Juice

What could be better than having scrumptious pomegranate and beetroot juice for a detox? Both of them are extremely effective in cleansing your stomach. You can also add some freshly ground Aloe Vera to it to boost your immune system.

Pomegranates are rich sources of methionine and glycine betaine which serve as fighting factors to flush your system and detoxify.

Coconut water

Coconut water is a universal drink for weight loss and detoxification. It is a powerhouse of potassium which helps eliminate excess water from your body. Furthermore, coconut water soothes upset stomachs and prevents constipation. It can be used as a post-workout drink to balance the electrolyte loss due to a workout.

It shows the best results when consumed early in the morning as it is rich in auric acid, which improves immunity and metabolism and promotes weight loss.

Green Tea

This one does not even need any introduction. Green tea has been long labelled as a ‘superfood’ due to its uncountable benefits. It is rich in polyphenols that minimize the formation of free radicals in the body, which promote aging and can likely cause cancer.

Several studies showed evidence that green tea boosts the body’s metabolism and improves a body’s fat-burning potential. This shows that green tea is certainly helpful in losing weight as well.

Honey, Lemon & Ginger tea

We have already discussed the benefits of ginger and lemon previously. When these extremely healthy ingredients are added to water with a hint of honey, it turns into a deliciously soothing drink for sore throat and cold. Apart from that, it improves your immunity and your skin texture. However, if you are on medications, you need to consult your doctor to consume this drink regularly.

Cranberry Juice

While it is not known explicitly for detoxification purposes, cranberry juice can serve as a detox drink. However, it must be consumed in an appropriate amount to get the actual results. Consuming cocktail blends containing cranberry juice and loads of sugar can do the opposite. Therefore, it is suggested to keep it simple and sugar-free.

Apple Cider Vinegar

No detox drinks list is complete without apple cider vinegar on it. The detox drink is packed with good bacteria essential for the well-functioning of your digestive system and immune system and for promoting weight loss. Also, the complex woody flavor-tart can be a refreshing change from fizzy and sugary drinks.

How long does detox water take to work?

Detox drinks have different onset times to work. You need to be cautious with your time windows in order to achieve the best results.

Most detox drinks have no exact time to show results. Some cleansers show immediate results and last six hours; some require ample time to detoxify your body. If you find some detox water ingredients that don’t suit you, it’s better not to consume them in the first place to avoid any complications.

Sometimes, your system takes time to get used to the detox drinks, and as a result, you experience irregular bowel movements and increased urine output.

Are Detox drinks safe?

We often think that what is the best drink to flush our system fast. Most of nutritionist often recommend detox drinks for having a balance weight and clean blood. Detox drinks are completely safe to drink unless you put any ingredients that don’t have health benefits and go well with your system. The key is to use only ingredients that have various health benefits and can be consumed on daily basis. If you don’t have any medical conditions, the above-listed detox drinks are safe for daily consumption except for coffee.

That said, detox drinks don’t do well for people with medical conditions. In fact, they can be harmful to medically unfit patients in some cases. Also, very little research supports that all detox drinks flush out toxins from the body. So if you are opting for detox drinks, make sure you are fully aware of the ingredients you add to your glass and are mentally prepared if they backfire.


Several types of detox drinks can be made that cater to unique needs. For instance, if you go for a coffee, it will immediately flush your system and probably have no further effect on your body. On the other hand, if you take detox drinks like coconut water, lemon and honey drinks etc., you need to stay persistent with them to cleanse your body. So pick your drink according to your body’s needs. Lastly, if you are too lazy to make detox drinks for yourself, you may get over-the-shelf detox water available in grocery stores with its benefits mentioned on the packaging. Just make sure they don’t have added sugars and preservatives.

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