You might not have heard of Average-Joe in his early days, but today you might know him as today as President Joe Biden.

In this article, we will tell you Joe Biden’s net worth, his story from a nobody to somebody, a middle-class man to a billionaire, and that too, in no time.

Rounding up to the age of 78, President Joe Biden has a tale we can’t wait to unfold.

The oldest person yet to sit at the helm of the White House, Biden still isn’t the richest of the lot.


Before we go solely over Joe Biden’s net worth, we shall articulate to you the dual quantitate of his wife and him. Amounting to a figure of $9 million just recently, they broke the cycle of decades of being ordinary.

The couple’s riches compile from all the public speaking and book royalties upon Biden’s financial disclosures and tax returns declarations over his campaign’s website. No legal representative of Biden added comments on his personal life or net worth. His senatorial salary also accounts for some of the figures.

To know more about the President’s net worth, assets, lifestyle, and real estate, read the whole article.

The Early Days of Biden’s Career

The beginning of Biden’s career in politics started in 1972 as a selective member to become the US Senator. Joe Biden dethroned J. Caleb Boggs, a Republican member, and became the fifth-youngest senator ever. And in the latter three decades, he served as a senator in Delaware.

Middle-Class Joe than in 2008 ran for a candidate of former President Obama. In the coming years of 2009 till 2017, Biden became the Vice President while Obama became President.


Before the 2020 elections, Biden ran for the position of President two times and failed. Once in 1988, and then in 2008. In the former’s times, a plagiarism scandal had him face the loss, and in the last elections, he withdrew subsequently to the Iowa caucus.

Biden’s tax returns from the first year of his release, in 1998, accounted that most of his income was credited to his Senate salary.

In 2009, Biden’s salary in Senate was $169,000, which was also his last year. When he became the vice president, his salary increased by 30% when his salary equaled $225,000 per annum. He earned the aggregate for eight years from 2009 to 2017.

Joe and Jill, his wife, got social security benefits and pensions of an estimated half-million dollars throughout the eight years.

It was when he left the office that his income flow increased.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame

Let’s start with the beginning of his fame.

As Biden left the Senate, he and Jill had made a total of over $15 million from just his book payments.

Joe Biden had written two accounts, “Promises to Keep,” in 2008, and “Promise me, Dad” in 2017.


The former book had difficulty selling, but sealing Biden’s name with Obama did the trick and sold more than before. Biden wrote the first book on his father and how he died from cancer. This one was a success and dealt with over 300,000 copies.

For “Promise me, Dad,” he was paid a large sum from $8,000 to $90,000 on each stop of his book tour, as he recently disclosed in his financial disclosure.

The book tour made him into the billionaire that he is today.

$1.8 million from the book royalties and $2.4 million from public speaking engagements accounted for the husband and wife’s net worth.

In March 2018, Jill charged a speaking fee of $700,000 and Biden of $190,000 per lecture at this university in New Jersey.

To conclude the two made over $15 million per the tax filings of public speaking and book payments, plus the university payments by 2017.

In the presidential election of 2020, former Vice President Biden defeated Donald Trump in a brutal match of ruffles and spites.

Biden emerged victorious after two whole days of counting the votes generated after the polling of months. The wait also increased due to the mail-in ballots because of the global COVID pandemic. However, in the end, Biden exceeded the 270 electoral votes needed to win the elections.

So at the dawn of November 9, 2020, Joe Biden had come out as the President of the United States of America.

The 2020 elections were the third competition that Biden fought and the first to become a millionaire.

Personal Life of Joe Biden

The couple has faced a lot of calamities and heartbreaks.

The first time Biden ran for election in 1972, his wife, Neilia, and his daughter of one year, Naomi, died in a car crash. However, his two sons survived.

In 1977, Biden moved forward in his life and married Jill Jacobs. In 1981, together, Joe and Jill had a child, namely Ashley

In 1988, Biden went through brain surgery for two possibly fatal aneurysms. His recovery was quick, though, and we saw him returning to work in less than a year.

Twenty-seven years later, in his second year of being the vice president, Biden’s son Beau, 46 years of age, died of brain cancer.  That happened in the second year he was running for President. When he couldn’t handle the loss’s stress, even when he knew he had the most probability of winning, he decided to sit out the 2016 elections.

The grief of his lost son ate Biden up.

Later, the grief strengthened him and made a lot of people empathize with him, only to increase his supporters. People knew a man who had lost almost everything in life was a man who could connect with the nation’s people and make America stronger.

Real Estate and Assets

The couple’s main house is in Wilmington, Delaware. The villa was built over 20 years ago. The property is approximately 7,000 square feet on the lakeside. Back in 1997, the house’s deal was complete at $350,000; however, today, it might not be less than $2 million.

In 2017, the Biden’s also bought a beach home in Delaware of $2.7 million. Their waterfront property is on the land of 4,800 square feet.

The family also lent a luxurious mansion in McLean, Virginia, in 2017 after they left the vice presidency. The estate spread over 12,000-square-foot, floored with marble finishes, a sauna, gym, and a “substantial” parking lot. The rent reports having cost the family around $20,000 a month.

Along with the book royalties and public speaking, Biden also holds the professor’s status at the University of Pennsylvania. The job pays him a salary of an approximation of $400,000.


As a whole, in 2017, Joe Biden’s net worth accounted for $11 million just as he left the White House. Then, in 2018, he gathered a sum of $4.5 million and, in 2019, a total of $1 million.

Joe might be a multimillionaire but is far behind in the race to be the richest man to sit on a president’s chair or be a Democratic presidential candidate.

Keeping in mind his personal life and activities, we can say Biden might not be a fanatic for dollars after all, and maybe America can just become the best version of itself with his presidency.

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