The one-story that kept all the media outlets occupied across the world is of the pandemic. However, 2020 has been an eventful year filled with tragedies, natural calamities, conflicts, joy, celebrations, and more.

According to Google, people across the world have expressed interest in not only the Covid situation but also a whole lot of other topics.

Although 2020 didn’t give much to anybody to be amazed of, a lot happened around the globe that makes everyone wonder how the world is going to bear its outcomes in the years to come.

Here’s a quick roundup of 2020 for you so you know what happened in this historic year.

  • Coronavirus Crises

The pandemic brought the world to a halt, crippling businesses, affecting economies, and making people suffer. The global economy has suffered a major blow to all the progress it has made so far, and the virus is still not done with us yet. How it started and from where, is known to all. Therapies and vaccines are emerging continuously, some of them need approval and some are producing the expected results. However, the coronavirus has posed some serious challenges to the well-being of people and industries, but the vaccines could bring the expectations back. Here we all need to increase our knowledge that any of the therapy or vaccine would not work overnight, but having something around the corner that is keeping the virus aside can be a relief somehow.

  • “Black Lives Matter” Protest

When George Floyd died due to police brutality on May 26 this year, then it sparked protest across the United States and around the world. Black Lives Matter is a social cause that has been protesting against racism in the country primarily against black people. Thousands of people initially gathered to protest against the death of Floyd, however, it spread across the country and turned violent. However, the death of George Floyd was not the only incident involving a black person dying and the protest didn’t yield any fruitful results.

  • S. Elections – How it Turned Out Than How It Was Expected

The US elections have kept the entire world hooked as Donald Trump left no stone unturned to make it a controversial affair. His allegations of election fraud have made people question the US elections. Donald Trump and his team filed a series of lawsuits in key battleground states to overturn the results, but all in vain. So far, Donald Trump is not ready to accept his defeat and he even considered imposing martial law.

  • 33 U.S. States Made Apple Pay $113 Million

“Batterygate” is what people were calling the Apple controversy that swayed people to purchase a new Apple device. Till November 18, around 33 states accused the iPhone manufacturer of proposedly slowing down the battery performance. On the contrary, Apple refused to react to the situation and paid $113 as a settlement outside the court.

  • The Attack In A Cattle Market At Burkina Faso

According to the reports, more than 900 casualties have been reported in the last few years in the Sahel nation, and millions have left their homeland due to the continuous violence. It is alleged that Al-Qaeda armed groups have killed approx. 900 people since 2017. The violence in the region didn’t stop and on May 31 this year around 20 people died as a result of a shooting at a cattle market in Burkina Faso (a village in Africa). This shooting surprised many as no armed group till now has taken responsibility of the shooting.

  • Emerging Protests Across the World

Not only racism in the US is making people protest about the injustice, but around the world, we have seen a lot of protests and some turned into riots. On January 12, Iranian security forces fired up tear gas and ammunition on the protestors to disperse them from protesting. Protestors were demanding the leaders to quit when the military admitted that they had shot down their own plane by mistake.

On November 25, more than 40 people were killed in the protest that continued for weeks in Uganda. The protests started after the arrest of Bobi Wine, who became a presidential candidate for a pop music star. However, the police spokesperson said that the matter is being investigated and they can’t comment on an on-going investigation.

On November 28, France streets were flooded with protestors opposing a new security law that says that police activities cannot be filmed. The legislation was made when a policeman was filmed beating a black man in Paris.

  • An Alarming Increase In The Number Of Human Rights Activists Killing In Columbia

People were expecting that the peace accord would improve the conditions of rural and poor areas of Columbia, but the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights expressed his grief on the staggering numbers of the killing of social activists. Statistics confirmed that 107 human rights activists were killed in 2019, and the number could jump to 120 when the investigations on open cases will be completed, because 10 more human rights defenders were reportedly killed in the first week of January 2020.

  • Greece Makes History By Electing First Female President

On January 22, 2020, a high court judge with proficiency in constitutional and environmental laws, Katerina Sakellaropoulou was elected as the first female president of Greece. She was previously a human rights activist. The majority of 261 MPs voted for the 63-year-old Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

  • Tensions Between China and India

These twelve months have been extra violent for most of the people across the world. From riots within countries to conflict with other nations, violent conflicts were reported everywhere. Two nuclear powers India and China engaged in a conflict over disputed territory. Both economic powerhouses of the world confronted each other for the first time since 1975. The situation turned ugly to a level that diplomatic relations between the two got strained prompting India to ban various Chinese products.