If you have a page on Instagram, you must be thinking, ‘what does navigation mean on Instagram’, right? Well, for your understanding, you can call it a feature that allows the account owner to translate how viewers engage with their content, especially their stories on Instagram.

With over 200 million plus business profiles, Instagram has become one of the leading social media platforms and a primary source of income for many. Several brands and organizations are using it to grow their business worldwide. With such a massive reach, it’s important for business owners to know how Instagram Stories work and how their target audience receives it. While there are smart tools like Inflact, Instaxyz, Gramhir, etc., to get basic analytics, you can take professional help to get deeper insights into how your audience interacts with your posts and stories.

Let’s move forward and learn a bit more about what the navigation tab is, what it means on Instagram and how, it works.

Basics of Navigation tab

First and foremost, a navigation tab only appears when you have a business account on Instagram. So, yeah, if you have a personal account it won’t appear there.

Those who want to switch their personal account to a business account or create a new one can follow the below steps.

Switch to Instagram business account

If you already have a personal account, it’s much easier to switch to a business or professional account than to create a new business account from scratch.

Here’s how to switch to Instagram business account:

  • Open Instagram app
  • Go to your profile
  • Tap ‘Edit Profile’ right below your bio
  • Find ‘switch to professional account’

That’s the main step, next you will be required to provide all your business details to get started.

Create a new business account

If you want to create a separate account for your business, here’s how you can create one.

  • Download the Instagram app
  • Create an account using your business email address.
  • Use your company’s name for the username and create a password. Once you do that, Instagram will provide unique suggestions for username.
  • Then you will be required to connect with your friends or other business if you want, though it is advised first to put a professional profile picture and then do the rest.
  • Now once the account is set up, go to your profile, tap ‘edit profile’ and fill in the additional details of your business to complete the profile.
  • Next, tap ‘Instagram business tools’ to exploit the tools provided by Instagram to run your business on the platform efficiently.
  • Link your business account with your professional Facebook account (if any)
  • It’s done, start posting.

That’s how you can create a business profile on Instagram. And now that you have a professional account, you would be able to see the navigation tab on your account.

How to use Navigation Tab

To start using the navigation feature, you need to tap the ‘eye’ icon that will appear on your Instagram stories. After that, tap the insight tab and pick any metrics you want to check.

4 important metrics that you must internalize

  1. BACK: When viewers like your content, they re-watch it by tapping the left side of the screen. It’s a good sign as it interprets the content you are creating is attracting your audience.
  2. FROWARD: This one is the opposite of the previous metric. It indicates the number of times your audience skipped your stories to move forward. Ideally, you should have a lesser number of forwarding clicks and a greater number of backing clicks.
  3. NEXT STORY: It is another important metric used to determine if your content was engaging enough.  When a user switches from your story to another account’s story, this metric records that action.
  4. EXIT: This metric records when Instagram paused using the platform. Though, the number of exits is not directly proportional to your content in all the cases.


 If we be precise, Instagram navigation is a useful feature by which you can learn how your target audience is interacting with your content and whether they find it engaging or not. With the help of the above-mentioned 4 important metrics, you can determine which of your stories performed well and which did not. Also, you will know what content you should focus on more in the future. We hope this guide helped you understand how Instagram navigation works and how it can help you grow your business.

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