In a world where nobody has time to listen to long voice notes or attend calls, instant messaging is a blessing! While WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram, are most admired apps in this era, text messaging is still a thing. In fact, it is a vital means of our daily communication. But what’s frustrating is when you send a text message and receive ‘Not Delivered’ as a response.

Well, it could be because the blocking message feature is active on the receiver’s phone. So now the question is, ‘what does message blocking is active mean?’. While you will learn more about that in our guide, it means the message you sent has not been delivered to the receiver or you may have mistakenly blocked the receiver’s contact number.

Below we have addressed this issue in detail and penned down some ways to fix it. You must check out the below if you are also looking for ‘message blocking is active meaning’ on the web.

What does it mean when you get a message blocking is active?

If you encounter a message-blocking issue on your phone, know that it probably is happening because your carrier has blocked the text messages feature on your phone. Also, it also happens when you send a text message to a blocked user on your phone.

Common causes for message blocking

After looking deep into the problem, we have come to the following reasons for message blocking:

  • Service Outage

Typically the message blocking active issue arises when there is a power outage at the service providers. The power breakdown could be either because of maintenance or a temporary break, pausing the messaging services for a brief time.

  • Block list

As we said above, the most common reason for message blocking being active is that your contact is in the block list. For the feature to work properly, both the sender and the receiver ensure that they have not blocked each other.

  • Shortcode issue

Shortcodes could be another reason for message blocking on your phone. Typically, T-Mobile users encounter this issue. Also, since it is quite a technical issue and cannot be resolved at your end, it must be corrected by the carrier’s technical staff.

  • Wrong plan

While it sounds silly, it happens to many people like us in real life. When you cannot subscribe to the messaging plan you wanted to get, your messages don’t get delivered, obviously. So you need to check the problem by dialing your carrier’s customer support. Even when the service is included in your current plan, but you don’t have the balance, the plan won’t get activated.

  • The premium access message option is disabled

When you have disabled the premium access message option on your phone, you will encounter this message blocking active issues while sending a premium message.

  • Sim card blocking

If your mobile sim card is not working due to any issue, you won’t be able to send a text message to anyone or even a WhatsApp message through mobile data.

How to fix the message blocking is active issue?

Since there is no one reason for this, numerous things can be tried to get it working again.

  • Remove the contact from the block list

When you finally know that you have blocked the user you could not send the message, you can try unblocking them to resolve the issue. To unblock them, follow the following steps:

  • Unlock your phone
  • Go to the Settings
  • Tap Messages
  • Tap Block list
  • Find the edit option around the list and tap
  • Locate the contact number in the list you want to unblock. Once found, tap ‘Unblock.’

Sometimes the issue also happens when the other person has blocked you. To confirm it, dial their number. If the call is not established, the contact has blocked you. In that case, you can contact them via messenger by sending a follow request on Facebook and asking them to unblock (of course, if you are on good terms with them).

  • Enable the premium message option

To check if the issue is happening due to your premium message option being disabled, then follow the below steps to disable it:

  • Unlock your phone
  • Head to the Settings app
  • Tap Apps
  • Then again, tap on the Apps option
  • Click 3-dots in the option and select Special Access
  • Now tap Premium SMS Access
  • Select Message and finally tap Ask

Once you have followed these steps, go back to your phone’s messaging app and try sending the message again. If it gets delivered, that means your issue has been resolved.

  • Check the service’s coverage

Most times, it’s your mobile phone’s signal issues when your message fails to deliver. Check your screen’s top right corner to see if the carrier bars are full. These bars indicate the strength of the signals at your location. If the bars are not visible, that means your area does not catch signals for your carrier. Hence, your text message won’t be delivered. You can try contacting your service provider to find out if it’s a temporary issue. And if it’s not, then ask how they will resolve it.

  • Check if your text messaging service is enabled

Sometimes you are unable to receive or send a message when your text messaging feature is disabled. To confirm the case, you need to:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Scroll down, find Messages, and tap
  • Turn on the toggle for ‘send and receive messages.’

If your messaging option was enabled already, then it must be the issue at the other person’s end. Ask them to do the same to enable their messaging.

  • Cross-check the number and email address

Cross-check the contact number you are sending messages to. A lot of times, when you haphazardly type the phone number on the spot, you dial it incorrectly instead of choosing it from your phone library. So before sending the message, double-check if the number you have dialed is correct.

  • Identify Shortcode error

The 3-digit code doesn’t work in all regions as they are government and city-specific. To check if it’s working, make a call to the Shortcode; if it connects, you can call or receive calls from the Shortcode. However, if the call doesn’t establish and the result comes ‘No’, then know that it’s a Shortcode error. It can be resolved via troubleshooting.

  • Check the country code

For international texts and calls, you need to enter a valid country code or otherwise,

the message won’t be delivered. You can simply Google the country code and do your work.

  • Check if iMessage is interrupting

This happens when you switch from iPhone to Android, and your number is still registered on your iPhone as an iMessage number. Just grab your old iPhone and turn the iMessages off to resolve this issue. Now try sending a message to anyone from your new phone. Hopefully, the issue won’t surface again.

  • Verify your Text Message subscription

While planning to upgrade your service plan with your carrier, don’t forget to include the text messaging plan. Make sure the plan you choose covers text messages as well. Here is how to check for text messages included in your current plan:

  • Unlock your phone
  • Make sure you have a network connection
  • Check if your text messages are supported
  • Go to the setting SMS/MMS settings on your phone
  • Check if the toggle for each is on
  • Also, check if your phone has enough space to send more messages

While choosing any plan for text messages, you must ensure that it has the maximum limit as, most times, you won’t realize that your subscription has finished, and you face trouble sending messages.

  • Enable ‘send as iMessage

This one is for all those asking ‘free msg unable to send message blocking is active. On iPhone, when you disable the ‘send as iMessage’ option on your phone, your message won’t be delivered if you have a problem with your text message plan. To enable that feature, follow these steps:

  • Open your phone and head to Setting
  • Scroll down and open ‘Messages’
  • Check the toggle beside ‘iMessage’. If it’s off, tap to turn it green.

By doing so, your text messages will be delivered even if your network isn’t available. Hopefully, it will address


Regardless of what device you own, ‘message blocking is active’ can occur anytime on any device. It can be so much headache, especially when you have something urgent to tell somebody. While all the above methods will help you for sure, if you still face any issues, try restarting your phone or re-inserting your SIM card. Also, turn on the Airplane mode and switch it off to refresh your connections. Once you do all of that, send the message again. Hopefully, it will get delivered.