According to Pittsburgh Public Safety, four kids were shot and injured Tuesday afternoon while they were leaving Pittsburgh Westinghouse Academy in Homewood.

Injuries sustained by kids were not considered to be life-threatening, according to public safety authorities. After the incident, which happened at around 2:25 p.m., the department set up a pick-up spot for other pupils leaving the school.

Ten gunshots were reportedly heard in the area of the school in the 1100 block of North Murtland Street, and a ShotSpotter sensor notified authorities. Three gunshot victims were located by police, and ambulances rushed them to hospitals. According to the authorities, a fourth victim arranged their own transportation to a hospital.

A female and three male minors were reported as victims. Officials with the Pittsburgh Public Schools said Tuesday night that everything was steady. There have been no suspects identified or arrested in connection with the shootings.

On Wednesday, the faculty will run the institution remotely.

Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey issued a statement Tuesday night asking for prayers for the injured kids, their families, and “the entire Westinghouse community” after the shootings.

“Westinghouse is a community filled with scholars and champions, and I want everyone to know and celebrate their accomplishments, and not just focus on the violence we saw today,” he said. “It is on all of us to show these students that we love and care for them as they recover from this tragedy.”

The mayor also condemned yet another shooting event in the city and reiterated his support for gun control legislation in Pennsylvania.

“For too long, gun manufacturers have been able to avoid any accountability for their role in our ongoing epidemic of gun violence,” he said. “Earlier today, I called to change the law that gives manufacturers immunity from lawsuits so we can hold these manufacturers accountable for the innocent lives that have been harmed by their weapons.

“Our city deserves to have a lasting peace, and that means we have to work to find ways to resolve our conflicts that don’t involve using guns and bullets,” Gainey added. “We can and must do better for our children and for our future.”

“Schools are designed to be safe spaces, and I want nothing more than to create warm, joyful and nurturing learning environments for our students and staff. In order to do so, we must collectively commit to working together and encourage all to always share something if they know something,” he said in the message. “Violent acts are becoming pervasive, and as a society, we all must act to create impact.”