This can be a happy ending everybody wanted! Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are rumored to be dating and the fans have just gone wild with this new possible couple!

The onscreen couple from the famous sitcom Friends, which lasted 10 years, openly confessed to having a crush on each other while shooting the series in the “Friends: The Reunion” just months ago. Jennifer Aniston who played the character of Rachel Greene and David Schwimmer who was Ross Gellar on-screen stated that they curated their emotions into acting leaving real life depending on fate.

The chemistry was still eminent throughout the reunion episode and it was quite evident that the old flame is still there. As reported by the famous UK-based celebrity news website Closer; they both have been nearby since the Reunion was shot. Just last month it was reported that Schwimmer flew to Los Angeles to spend some time with Jennifer.

According to a close source, both Aniston 52, and Schwimmer 54

“are spending time at Jen’s place, where she has been cooking dinners in the evenings and both have been enjoying some quality time together, just laughing and chatting.”

The official reps of both the stars have denied the rumors.

Aniston has been single for quite some time now after divorcing Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux whereas David Schwimmer just divorced his wife with whom he has a daughter as well.

If the rumors are to be believed, this is the news that will be making history across the world. Ross and Rachel become lobsters to each other after all as stated famously in the hit sitcom Friends.

Social media has flared up with speculations and possibilities but whether this piece of information is true or not, only time will tell.

Until then we are so rooting for Jenifer Aniston and David Schwimmer to become Ross and Rachel in real life!!!