What is the BRAT Diet?  Is It Still  Recommended?

BRAT stands for Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast, and you can consume only them during the diet. Here’s more on it.

What is the BRAT Diet?

BRAT Diet is similar to the Bland diet, as both comprise lighter food items that help with relaxing your stomach and nourish your body as the primary results.

When Should You Follow a BRAT Diet?

Being the most common food poisoning type, it sets out its symptoms within 48 hours, lasting up to 7 days, and only a day upon instant action.

Are There Any Exceptions to Eating BRAT Only?

You will have to stick to consuming: ● Bananas ● Rice ● Applesauce ● Toast It’s because that's the point of the diet. Diverting from them may worsen the condition.

What are the Alternatives to BRAT?

If you'd like a variation in your diet, not against it, but within the BRAT circle, you can have: ● Oatmeals ● Potatoes ● Dry cereals ● Saltine crackers.

Is BRAT Diet Still Recommended by Doctors?

Because the BRAT diet doesn't offer many nutrients, fats, and fibers, doctors don't prescribe it to children but the adults—that too for a temporary basis.