What is Paleo Diet, and How Does It Work? 

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What is Paleo Diet?

Also called the stone age or hunter-gatherers diet, the Paleo diet involves eating and drinking what humans consumed to live a healthy life around 2.5 Million to 10,000 years ago.

What is the Purpose of the Paleo Diet?

It counters modern artificially flavored and processed foods to wipe the diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks by feeding humans what suits them.

What to Eat in Paleo Diet?

Foods like meat, fish, fruits, eggs, vegetables, spices, herbs, and natural fats and oils make up a good Paleo diet that helps with weight loss and strength gain.

What Not to Eat in Paleo Diet?

Artificial sweeteners, soft drinks, processed foods, fat-rich dairy products, legumes, grains, sugar, and other modern-day foods are usually excluded from a Paleo diet.

What Can You Drink in Paleo Diet?

The favorite drink of humans at early age used to be water or fresh fruit extracts. Other than that, if you can't help, tea and coffee aren't that bad.

How Does a Day-Long Paleo Diet Menu Look?

You can have broiled steak with fresh fruit for breakfast, broiled salmon and a salad bowl for lunch, grilled chicken, and a handful of berries for dinner.

What are Go-to Paleo Diet Snacks?

Beef jerky, a bowl of berries, carrots, vegetables, nuts, apple slices, and other fruits make for your go-to snacks in the Paleo diet. Hard-boiled eggs will also do.

The Takeaway?

Starting with the Paleo diet by yourself seems like a foul move. Consulting with your doctor is always recommended for added perfection and to prepare a good diet plan.