What Can You Eat On a Keto Diet? 3 Types of Foods You Should Consume

The Keto diet limits your carbs intake to 50 grams a day; here are the foods that help with it.

Protein-Rich Foods

Proper intake of protein-rich foods like: 

will help you maintain a good balance in your keto diet resulting in optimal weight loss.

1. Poultry

2. Eggs

3. Seafood

4. Meat

Nutrient-Dense Foods


and high-fat vegetables provide your body with essential nutrients that shape it fit.

● Mushrooms

● Broccoli

● Spinach

● Nuts

● Seeds

● Blue cheese

Non-Starch Foods

The favorite part about the keto diet is you get to eat:

● Spaghetti

● Noodles (shirataki)

which is not very common, so is eating:

● celery

● cabbages.

What Beverages is Good in a Keto Diet?

A cup of beverage with any diet always makes the day, and to make yours with the Keto diet comes: ● Unsweetened tea  ● Unsweetened coffee and sparkling water.

Do you know? You can also consume cocoa powder by many means and dark chocolate as the dessert after your meals. Not bad for a meal finisher.

The Conclusion