9 places to visit in Georgia -Travel Guide 2022

Wondering which places to visit in Georgia? The land of rock and stone is filled with treasures like majestic mountains, deep caves, beaches and whatnot.

Old Tbilisi

Old Tbilisi is spread over a large area and is famous for its traditional houses, snaking lanes and Shardeni restaurant street. Get a tour guide for a day to explore the city to the fullest.

Upper Svaneti

Upper Svaneti is a remote place from mainland Georgia and is known for its majestic mountain scenery. It attracts tourists from all over the world for its beautiful outdoor adventures.


If you haven’t been to Tusheti in the summers, you are missing out on a big thing. It is especially a good place to visit for wild nature lovers. You can also go trekking and long hikes.


It is the second biggest city and is considered the most charming city in Georgia. You can visit the Green Bazaar, Kutaisi’s synagogue and ride a cable car that passes over the great Rioni river.

Golden Isles

Golden Isles are the largest island in the region that has all the amenities that a traveler wants. Smaller islands in the area contain private resorts for a more personalized experience.

Callaway Gardens

Your trip to Georgia is incomplete without a visit to Callaway Gardens. It is spread over 2,500 acres of land, including a butterfly center and 10 miles of nature and bike trails.


When planning to visit a big city, you must have a proper plan to make the most out of your trip and money, of course. All of these beautiful places are a must-visit for a trip to Georgia.