Olivia Cooke: From IG DMs to Sliding Into House of the Dragon

Bates Motel famed actress Olivia Cooke joined GOT prequel House of the Dragon franchise. Here’s the hike it caused in her net worth as of 2022.

Olivia, The House of Dragon spotlight, revealed that she used to slide into the DMs of hot actors amidst pandemic lockdown to keep herself from going crazy, and she pretty much did that.

Though she didn’t receive many replies, she managed to land a role in Game of Thrones prequel, House of The Dragon, which shot her net worth from several thousand dollars to a staggering sum of $2M.

Beverly Keogh was the first casting director to assess her acting skills when performing at Oldham Theater Workshop, where she is from, and probably is why she slided into the DMs…

as she thinks she should have had kids by now. She often does charity, as evident by her philanthropic gesture to Bulgari’s Save the Children Campaign. Well, that’s one of many gestures…

… but a bit too realistic for a 28-year-old, eh?