Is diet coke good for you?

Coke Zero. Sprite Zero. Pepsi Max. Nearly all major fizzy drink manufacturing companies have introduced low-calorie substitutes to their famous products. Said to contain lesser calories per serving without compromising on taste and quality, the consumption of these beverages has seen an increase in recent years. As the Gen Z fitness boom continues to expand to more corners of the globe, companies have begun to steal a march on rivals to gain a larger market share.

How is it different?

According to the manufacturers, the sugary taste of the drinks is obtained by utilizing artificial sweeteners that replicate the original product. Many manufacturers claim that their product is ideal for those looking to lose weight and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Research has shown that the overconsumption of diet sodas can lead to complications such as metabolic issues and heart problems. Some believe that such risks come about because those who regularly consume diet beverages are those with underlying health conditions as well as those looking to lose weight. As such, their immune system is also more susceptible to greater risk.

Why can it be harmful?

Should you have them?

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