How to Live a Healthy Life with diabetes

Most people visit doctors to update themselves about their blood sugar levels on a monthly or weekly basis

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A1c test is important for patients with high blood glucose levels or type 2 diabetes. A regular diabetes test can be done at home by just pricking your finger or by simply wearing a monitor

All About the A1c Test

This test shows how stable your blood sugar was in the past 3 months. Doctors can only use this test to diagnose type 1 diabetes, not for type 2

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Live a Healthy Life with diabetes

Diabetes is one of the very common diseases affecting more than 422 million people globally

Manage the level of glucose in your blood

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Scientists regularly examine supplements to identify if they really help in lowering the blood glucose levels

List of elements whose supplements can help people lower their blood sugar levels.

American Ginseng Cinnamon Probiotic Berberine Aloe Vera Gymnema Vitamin D Magnesium