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Life Cycle of flies

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Did you know?

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A housefly’s life expectancy is no more than a month. On the other hand, a fruit fly can live up-to forty to fifty days You must be thinking, if flies have such a short life span, how come they are everywhere and not extinct yet. 

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Life Span of a Fly?

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What foods do flies eat?


There is not one single answer to this question as flies eat almost everything – from human foods to excreta. Flies can even feed on sweat. Moreover, they can either suck liquid foods or readily soluble foods.

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Flies love to  eat sweets

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5 Facts About Flies

1. House flies live on a liquid diet

2. They can taste with their feet

3. House flies defecate… a lot

4. They can spread a range of diseases

5. House flies can walk upside down

Food and water are essentials for every living thing, be it a mere fly.  As mentioned above, water is a vital source of living potion for these tiny creatures.

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How long do flies live without food and water?

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