House of The Dragon - Unexpected!

Welcome back to the dragon age, and not just the dragons, the most furious of them all. That’s what the first impression of House of The Dragon looks like. More to follow.

Set around 200 years back from the sequel, Game of Thrones, House of The Dragon has intensified the drama, thrill, violence, and depth to an unimaginable extent, so much that goosebumps are inevitable.

It’s the time when Targaryen are exhaling fire off their mouths, well, not in the sense as dragons do, but are powerful enough to host the Dance of Dragons, the succession war for the next heir.

Of all the similarities, you’d find a lot of traces trailing back to the future, i.e., Game of Thrones, the resurrected dragons that are seen dead in the sequel, to name one out of many of them.

…Prince Aegon, Daemon, and Alicent Hightower. At last, the Westeros will come greeting you, for there is the throne intact, some houses, and the red keep with no doubt. Keep practicing for the names…

They are going to give you a tough time as you tag along with the series, with the second episode to air on August 28, 2022.