Can black people get lice? What are the chances and risk factors?

Cultural/religious significance is a general aura of importance around it too.  ‘Can black people get lice’ is a question that arises from the same place?

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What to do if you get lice?

The first thing you should do is take precautions. Even though there are ways to get rid of it, you need to isolate yourself from those who you believe to have caught from. Taking precautions is also crucial as you can also transmit them to anyone with whom you come in contact.

Dos and Don’ts for lice treatment

That was a definitive way of looking for lice in the hair, except if you have already found some without looking. Now onto dos and don’ts to treat it after you have found out lice in a Black person’s hair: 1. Choose chemical-free products 2. Avoid sharing hair accessories.