6 Best states to visit for Vacation in the US

You could spend your entire life exploring the US and still can’t see it all. Hence we have picked the states you must see once in your lifetime.

New York City

New York’s city life has no comparison. Walking its streets feels like walking on a movie set. Every turn is worth your glance from Time Square to Central Park and 5th Avenue.


When exploring the US, Washington should be a mandatory visit. This state would be the best choice for those who prefer an escape from the mainland.


Whether it’s a family vacation or a couple’s retreat, Houston is the best place to have a relaxing getaway. The plus point is that you will always get pleasant weather wherever you go.

Las Vegas

The glamorous city has an extensive range of entertainment that keeps you engaged all day and all night. Once you enter this city, you will lose track of day and time.

Los Angeles

If you love Hollywood, you should not miss a chance to visit this city. It boasts a unique culture of its own. Families come to visit nearby Disneyland and shop their favorite brands.

The Bottom Line

Since it’s difficult, expensive and time-consuming to see the entire country in one go, these were the few states you could visit on a short trip without breaking your bank account.